30 May 2013

real wedding: kendel & adam

i'm a little late with this post as kendel and adam's wedding was recently featured on 100 layer cake.  i first met kendel last spring in her office conference room to chat about her wedding plans.  i liked her immediately -- she was confident, creative, organized and clear as to what she wanted.  like every bride, budget was a consideration but she was looking for an expert to help flesh out some ideas and introduce new ones.  enter me.  we talked and discussed as brides and designers do and when i saw her venue, i knew instantly that i wanted to incorporate confetti systems into the event design.

kendel and adam were married at invisible dog, an art gallery in brooklyn.  the space was carved into vignettes to accomodate their entire celebration.  the ceremony was in the round so they were literally surrounded by their loved ones, with the family and music-filled reception immediately following.  

designing and installing decor is one thing but seeing it all come together is a different deal altogether.  though i was there in the early part of the day and at the end for breakdown, the people give it context.  looking at lauren's photos, i can feel the warmth, love and all that happy.  looks perfect.  congratulations again kendel and adam.  lovely day, lovely life together.  x
{photos by lauren slusher of bonnie & lauren}  

21 May 2013

real wedding: mira and ricardo

i like that i flower for love and i like when i flower for friends so when the two come together...well, i'm pretty damn happy.  mira is a dear friend and because of his love of mira, ricardo has become one too.  they were married about six weeks ago at city hall and theirs was an intimate celebration, both the ceremony and afters, shared with close friends and loved ones in their beloved brooklyn {if you follow me on instagram, then you've seen some of my snaps}.  their wedding day was recently featured on brooklyn bride but i thought i'd share some of my favorites here. one of the sweetest, loveliest, most romantic moments ever was when mira serenaded ricardo with the ukelele he gifted her.  

congratulations again mira and ricardo.  wishing you a lifetime of blue moons, dreams of the heart and love, love, love together, forever.  xxox

{photos by miho aikawa photography}

04 May 2013

when you're good to mama, you buy her flowers

two places, one purpose -- to help you make the moms in your life happy.  once again, i'll be setting up {flower} shop this mother's day weekend.  stop by for a hand-tied, seasonal bouquet for your mom, wife, sister, granny, nanny, auntie, friend or for yourself!  prices range from $30-50*  
looking forward to seeing and hearing from you! x
*again, always happy to make an ::ahem:: fancier arrangement.  regardless, pre-ordering is highly suggested cause when they're gone, baby, they are gone.  don't play yourself and that special lady -- she deserves much better.

{photos by bryce covey photography}