01 February 2013

real wedding: danielle & jeremy


sharing images from danielle and jeremy's september wedding at the green building, currently being featured on merci new york.  also sharing some behind the scenes photos taken from the day.  as always, we were busy -- lots of onsite work to do, including designing and installing a 20+ foot ribbon and light backdrop using only one ladder.  shout out to jen for risking life and limb so i can realize my vision and to the rest of the team for getting it all done while i managed it.  whenever i see a can of san pelligrino aranciata rossa, i'm reminded of that day...

so here's the thing about wedding photos -- sadly, we vendors are at the mercy of photographers.  i've said it before...i suck at taking the time to photograph my work during event set-up.  and it's just as well because most potential clients want to see the work in context, i.e. in the venue, at the event, with people.  this means that we're chasing photographers {sometimes for a year plus} to see images, only to find that they didn't take photos of the flowers and/or the photos are crap.  you work so bloody hard and you practically have nothing to show for it but a couple of instagram shots and chronic back pain.  totally heartbreaking and soul-crushing homies.  but thank god that was not the case for this wedding.  danielle and jeremy hired oak street studio, who took beautiful photos and i hired clay williams, who took great images as we set up.  i'm learning...

anyway, check out the full post on merci new york if you have the time. 
and congratulations again to danielle and jeremy.  wishing you a long, healthy and blissful love. x  
{photos 1-7 and 12 by clay williams; photos 8-11 by oak street studio}


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