29 January 2013

hey girl/boy...

happy 2013.  it's still january so in my mind, new year's greetings are still acceptable.  we'll state the obvious...it's been a minute since i've blogged.  honestly, i haven't felt like it.  probably not a nice thing to hear but it's the truth.  i promised myself way back when that i would only write when i had something to say and not out of obligation.  keeping true to that.

so like most, i've spent the last month starting the new year off in my way of right.  i didn't do resolutions but i did set five intentions -- five beautiful things that i will continually work on making happen during the next twelve months.  five is a pretty manageable number and it's been a great way to start each day.  i feel very purposeful. also taking advantage of the quiet and unplugging when i can.  so much of me is invested in my business and i need to save some more of me for me, if that makes sense.  it's just too hard otherwise.

anyway, the accompanying photos don't relate at all to the above but since i haven't written until now, it needed to be said.  back the photos...they are from a trent bailey bridal fashion shoot being featured on style me pretty today.  i loved that hellebore boutonniere.  i loved bouquet flowers too but i really loved the bout.  can't wait for those flowers to come into season again...
{photos by trent bailey} 


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