31 October 2012

real wedding: laura and stephen

great brooklyn couple.  they're both marathoners, running multiple races throughout the year, including this sunday.  she's southern, he's french.  a june bride, she wanted to wear flowers in her hair.  they married at grace church in brooklyn heights followed by an intimate reception at perennial favorite frankie's 457.  they were so happy.  love rocks.  {photos by katie osgood photography}

30 October 2012

sandy soapbox

sandy wreaked a lot of hell.  flooding, power outages, downed trees, property damage and death.  can't help but think about the people who deal with disaster on a regular basis.  my family is from the caribbean, and while climate change has worsened weather, they grew up with storms like sandy and irene.  and i grew up hearing about them.  

went on twitter and instagram to update and distract myself.  the juxtaposition of sandy damage, sandy shut-ins and their elaborate meals, complaints about sandy and wedding/industry-related posts is jarring.  flooded streets and vintage finds.  weird.  but it's 2012 and we're human.  unless it's happening to us, we don't care all that long if at all and if it is happening to us, as long as we have smart phones and ipads, we're {over}sharing it all. 

but i woke up this morning feeling supremely grateful.  went out for some fresh air and i couldn't help but get perspective.  i live in a first world country, in a first class city with an amazing infrastructure.  the mayor is constantly on tv, the president is emailing me and even amex is making sure i'm okay.  the airports will open again, the subways too and in the meantime, i have heat, power, internet, food and self-indulgence to keep things normal.  my biggest challenge, if you want to call it that, is figuring out how to flower for this weekend's events but i'm not worried.  everything's cool.

so, so, so many in my fair city were not spared from sandy's destruction.  if you want to help, click here and here to learn what you can do.  thanks. x


hi.  right, it's almost november.  but i started drafting this post back in september, proving my intent to update le blog before now.  and now that sandy has new york city trapped indoors, i can't really procrastinate anymore.  i'm really good at it though, always have been.  an aside: why did i not take the news seriously and stock up?  dummy move.  brooklyn is shut down and there's not nary a sweet in any of my cupboards.  i looked.

back to biz -- though the above were taken in june, september was a blur, a flurry of activity, kat flower's biggest month yet, hallelujah.  this business of flowering is up and down so thank god for the busy.  felt like i was just running everywhere -- to market, to HQ, to load out then load in then load out again -- marathon days that start at 5am and don't end until 2am only to repeat again. during the busy, i do stop running to decorate the cake.  so much bloody pressure -- one false move and you've effed it up with no chance to fix.  there's a life metaphor in there somewhere.  this funny life that i've created for myself, it's a trip.

{photos by mitchell hart}