20 July 2012

real wedding: anne & alexis

anne and alexis got married in april at the newly renovated {at the time} brooklyn winery.  anne's mom, a flower lover, hired me to design their wedding flowers.  not unusual as sometimes moms like to handle these sort of details and who am i to argue?  all together, they were dream clients.  they gave me a palette, told me a little about their style and completely entrusted me to run with it. 

spring is a most gorgeously perfect time to flower and i invited coral flame peonies, italian poppies, crabapple, ranunculus, ferns, parrot tulips, andromeda, garden roses and others to the party.  full disclosure -- the morning of the wedding, i became really emotional, okay, i cried, looking at all the arrangements.  i loved, loved, loved designing this wedding and the beautiful colors and blooms just got to me.  i'm also a big ol' baby and take any and every opportunity to blubber. 

congratulations again anne and alexis. may your lives together be forever beautiful. x
cake and desserts by lael cakes
photography by clean plate pictures

19 July 2012

live and in color

made these arrangements for a harper's bazaar/olay editorial and video shoot earlier this spring.  they just told me it's live so naturally, i'm sharing with you.  nice to see the florals three-dimensionally rather than in just a photograph.  click here for the link!

03 July 2012

california love

in late april, actually right after this event's breakdown, i was LA-bound for a magazine editorial shoot {more on that in a future post}.  knowing i would need some advice and direction sourcing flowers out there, i contacted jessica of ellamah and megan from honey and poppies and they came through big time {btw, we never met prior to}.  both referred me to wholesalers and farms, megan drew me a map of the LA flower market {!!!} and jessica, the love that she is, agreed not only accompany me to the market but also to assist me on the shoot.  i LOVE my flower friends!

though i bought lots of flowers at the downtown market {ny'ers, the prices are a third less expensive than ours! why, pretell, are we hustlin' over here?!}, i was saving my coins for the roses...which leads me to roselane farms.  i learned about roselane from jessica and megan and knew i had to go.  i contacted lynne, the owner, back in brooklyn to arrange a visit {it wasn't one of her normal market days} and she was kind enough to accomodate me.  

lynne is a garden rose goddess and her farm is MAGIC.  jessica didn't have the car in park before i was running out to get up close to the beauty that is roselane.  roses, roses, roses, so many roses!  thorny, fragrant, wild, gorgeous, bright, colorful, moody, unusual, beautiful, again, MAGIC.  there is love and passion in those roses and i felt it.  

i had already told lynne my palette so we walked around and she introduced me to her lovely, gorgeous friends. needless to say, i bought way more than i needed and i challenge you to do different -- i never felt so overwhelmed to buy flowers.  i felt greedy, i wanted them them well.  and their smell..intoxicating, bewitching, bewitching, exhilarating, heady, extraordinary...there is a heaven and it smells like lynne's roses.  roselane made up for all that i don't like about LA and that is a blooming miracle. 

to further my earlier comment, this flowering life has introduced me to some talented designers and really fine people.  megan, thank you for responding so quickly to my emails and being so very helpful.  and jessica, thank you for going above and beyond.  i could not have managed it all without you.  i admire, respect and appreciate you both.  and should the occasion arise that you're called to these parts, please call on me.  whatever you need, know that i got you. xxox
p.s. that also goes to any designer reading this blog.  happy to help however i can. x

02 July 2012

yay july

had a few events last week culminating with a small wedding on saturday, all the while fighting acute bronchitis, i.e. a nasty chest cold.  coughing all day and night sucks but i'm glad it's july.  the 90+ degree weather i can do without...it's hot.  i'm off until august and unless i get a last minute booking, which is entirely possible, i don't have to will flowers to hold on for their close-up -- you can't imagine the agita that situation induces.  yes, life has far more stressful moments but presently, flowers wilting are mine.  

spent the remainder of my weekend convalescing and watching the first season of that great soap opera downton abbey.  might have to buy seasons two and three although it goes against what i'll spend money on.  not going to lie, i got into it.  

i also made an arrangement for my dining table.  had a bunch of leftovers and decided to challenge myself by fashioning something using as many of flowers as possible.  peonies, dahlias, lysimachia, bush ivy, russian olive, mountain mint, salvia, dusty miller, grevillea, ranunculus, scabiosa, jasmine, queen anne's lace, astrantia, geranium, astilbe, pittosporum...a lot going on.

and in case, you don't believe me about wilting flowers, see exhibit a above taken this morning.  bloody heat.