28 March 2012

just one

killing you with images of that bouquet i talked about here.  i know it's the same bouquet over and over again but each photo shows a slightly different angle so i'm drawn to something new each time.  thanks brooklyn bride for featuring us {click here for more photos} and BIG thank you to wendy for the gorgeous images.  {photos by wendy g photography} 

23 March 2012

never give you up

dying garden roses have a beautiful, romantic but melancholic quality about them...it's as if their heads and hearts are too heavy to carry the burden of their splendor.  and like an old lover, i just can't let them go.

22 March 2012

a paris fashion week moment

if they post your photo in vogue australia during paris fashion week, well then, you can't be shy about sharing it on your own blog, right? right says my bestie.  true story: i was running out to get a yogurt when a photographer stopped me and asked if i wouldn't mind her taking my photo.  for a brief couple of seconds, though she spoke english, i thought she was asking me for directions and i was formulating french sentences in my head.  clearly i came to and pulled it together. anyway, here's the link to the post.  BIG thank you to candice lake for giving me ten very glamorous minutes.  i was beyond flattered. {photo by candice lake}
p.s. we are now back to our regularly scheduled program, i.e. flowers and not street style shots of me.
UPDATE: here i am strutting on uk glamour...avec chaussures

20 March 2012

all that i can say...

i feel as if i haven't really written in a while.  i also feel like no one is reading but let's not sidetracked or discouraged here.  alright, where do i start?  shall we revisit paris for a brief moment?  the light, the cityscape, the butter, the si mignon french children...i really do love it there.  paris is very much an old city with old ways {some not good in my opinion} which may contribute to their love and respect for flowers.  on my ten minute walk from my flat to the showroom, there are at least five flower shops.  when i stopped in to buy flowers {didn't have time to trek to the wholesale market so i'd make multiple stops as i searched for the desired elements for le composition du jour}, there was always two or three people ahead of me. contrary to my new york blood, i found myself not minding at all.  actually the opposite happened -- i very much appreciated it...felt very life-affirming and validating.  people in paris buy flowers the same way they buy bread, cheese, viennoiserie and wine...it's a lifestyle.  so if things don't work out here or i get tired of explaining why flowers cost what they do and why they're special, i'll move to france.  and you can visit.

but i am glad to be home.  spring is blooming a little early and being that i'm a sucker for tree blossoms, you won't hear me complaining.  in other news, i took a gander at my 2012 list and realized i haven't made much progress {sofa still needs to be re-upholstered, i still haven't learned to knit, etc}.  i did, however, run the nyc half marathon on sunday -- not on the list i shared with you but it was a goal nonetheless.  dodgy training aside, i finished two and a half minutes slower than my best half time almost two years ago.  i'll take it.

i have a magazine photo shoot today.  one bouquet but the challenge always is selecting elements that will be available when the issue hits the stands, in this case, sometime in the summer.  as far as torture goes, this was an extremely mild case but trust, a certain amount of pain did course through me when i forced myself to put down the hellebore, lilac, spirea, cherry blossoms, poppies and sweet peas.  though don't cry for me argentina...i managed to get some gorgeousness despite my parameters.

wedding season is about to be 'bout it 'bout it but for some reason, i feel like the june bride is a thing of yesteryear and is being supplanted by the fall bride.  is that really the case?  are brides trading peonies for dahlias?  inquiring minds want to know...

the artwork shown here is by the dynamic dutch duo, photographer maurice scheltens and visual artist liesbeth abbenes in honor of their first museum retrospective, unfolded - scheltens and abbenes at museum jan cunen in the netherlands.  i first admired their work in the new york times magazine.  if you're in or near oss, go see it and be sure to tell me about it.

okay, i need to boogie.  we'll speak again soon...i promise. xxo
{images from here

19 March 2012

real wedding - mc & mike

the prototype i shared way back when?  well this was the wedding.  mc was inspired by this and thought it would be a great look for her and mike's october celebration at del posto. barring the cars on tenth avenue, don't they look like they're from another time?


thanks again mc and mike for allowing me to be a part of your special day.  love and happiness always. x 
{photos by andreas rentsch}

15 March 2012

welcome to the comfort zone

'nerves overwrought by work would relax there just like the relaxing example of those stagnant waters, and, for womever inhabited it, this room would offer asylum for peaceful meditation amidst a flowery aquarium.' -- claude monet, 1909

hi little darlings.  i'm back in brooklyn and it's very good to be home.  the highlight of my trip was hands-down seeing monet's masterworks les nymphéas {translation: waterlilies} live and in person at musée l'orangerie {remember this post?}  with all of the hustle and bustle that always accompany my sojourns to the city of lights, entering the twin salons to be completely surrounded by over 300 feet of impressionist brilliance brought me to a complete and utterly reverent stop.  i sat, moving only to change vantage points, feeling supremely grateful to have the gift of sight and a moment to pause.  

photos are prohibited in the salons and truly, no photo, book, postcard or any other facsimile would do it justice -- i seriously thought about publishing this post sans photo.  it's sensory overload in the most comforting way and i won't wax on about it because i really, really want, rather, i urge you to visit and experience it for yourselves.  {above photos from here}

02 March 2012

best-laid plans, paris and all that

i'm writing this from that tiny flat on rue st. honore.  yes, i'm in paris.  shout-out to my french readers {wonder how shout-out translates in french..}.  had hoped to post before now but well, i never got to it. such is the life of a small business owner.  feel like i've been saying that a lot lately.

lots of things racing through my mind -- proposals..need to email some folks..scheduling..need to drink more water..brought running gear with me but will find time to run? {guess i should be doing that now}..booking season..why didn't i pack more flats?..need more ranunculus...i can go on but it's boring.

anyway, will try to post while i'm here but if not {again, best-laid plans and all that}, follow me on the twitter or instagram.  usernames: katflowerbk and katflower, respectively.

bisous x

{image from here via this is glamorous