13 November 2012

london flower workshop re-cap: a most excellent adventure

it's been over a month since the london workshop and since lotte and matt & jason of gourmandizing have already posted their reviews on their respective blogs, i thought i'd throw my overdue two-cents.  a whirlwind of activity involving planes, trains and taxis, brooklyn, london, glasgow and paris {where i got the most perfect cake from pierre hermé} but the experience proved to be one of my highlights of 2012.

it took a village to pull this thing off so like the award shows, here's my list of thank yous, in no particular order:

...to the lovely ladies that signed up for this afternoon of flowers, food and frolic -- traveling from spain, parts of the uk and just up the road -- i was so, so happy and grateful to have met each of you.  thank you for sharing your 'how i fell in love with flowers' story, enthusiasm and talent.  and might i say that you really went for it.  your masterpieces speak for themselves.

...to cat and her mummy, auntie and uncle.  i don't think i sound like annie nor can i sing but i do find you three irrepressibly charming and lovely and very much look forward to sharing more stories.

...to the brixton crew.  thanks for letting lotte and me cut from your beautiful garden.  really authenticated the experience, if i do say so.

...to k, m and c.  thanks for hosting our gathering so perfectly and graciously.  for dealing with all the emails, texts, last-minute logistics, changes and headaches.  thanks for designing the flyer, for accepting crazy early flower deliveries, for letting me condition flowers in your bathroom, for taking beautiful photos but mostly for your friendship, kindness and encouragement.

...to my insanely brilliant partners, gourmandizing london and lotte & bloom.  gourmandizing, you make gorgeous food and when i found myself at a loss of words, i was so grateful that you delighted us with your beautiful menu and seemingly bottomless glasses of cava.  lotte, thanks so much for picking up the phone and saying yes, again and again -- couldn't have asked for a more perfect partner in crime.  i have so much love and respect for all of you as creatives and artists and can't wait to collaborate with you again...i can't quit you, for real.

love, peace and soul y'all. xxo

p.s. next workshop will be announced by week's end.  stay tuned...
UPDATE: for december workshop details, click here.

{photos by our hostess as well as yolanda, a participant & professional photographer and yours truly}


  1. I'm green green green with envy! So fab xo

  2. I wish to join you for next workshop.. Is that possible.. I already ordered exotic flowers from floworld's fresh flowers gallery..! Please let me know..!

  3. Yay! Thanks for the beautiful pictures of such a great afternoon! How lucky I was to be there. Happy Thanksgiving, Ella x

  4. The recap of London glower workshop is excellent. Have a look at it

  5. Yes, as a florist myself, these are gorgeous - very inspiring.

  6. Yay! Thanks for the wonderful images of such an excellent afternoon! How fortunate I was to be there. Satisfied Christmas, nazmin

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  7. Wow!! everything seems so perfect and amazing,this recap of London flower workshop is a wonderful job! Lovely flowers,enjoyed the beauty of flowers with the help of this blog!Keep posting!

  8. This looks lovely! Maybe you'll do a workshop in Toronto sometime.

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