21 November 2012

loving life and giving thanks

from my recent thanksgiving shoot for the huffington post...
tomorrow, we collectively pause from life's busy to give thanks.  i have much to be grateful for, not the least of which is how mundane and normal life is right now.  in light of recent events, ordinary feels extraordinary.  i'll probably start stressing in a few days but until then, i'm going to luxuriate in the banal.  i know that many are suffering, many from a lack of the ordinary and everyday.  my wish is that kindness and generosity is shared at least as equally as gratitude.

wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy thanksgiving. x
{photo by damon dahlen for the huffington post}

17 November 2012


$200 per person
includes materials, instruction, arrangement and liquid cheer
limited to six students*

we are back in the BK for this round of flowering...i'll be teaching you how to incorporate fruit and other edibles in your design.  'tis the season after all.  interested?  sign up by emailing me at kathleen{at}katflower{dot}com post haste and toute de suite.  looking forward to a merry afternoon. xo
*i reserve the right to cancel if registration is low so if you really want to take this class, rally your posse and get into it!

{images: painting by jan davidsz de heem, my arrangement captured by damon dahlen for huffington post, painting by niccolino van houbraken}

13 November 2012

london flower workshop re-cap: a most excellent adventure

it's been over a month since the london workshop and since lotte and matt & jason of gourmandizing have already posted their reviews on their respective blogs, i thought i'd throw my overdue two-cents.  a whirlwind of activity involving planes, trains and taxis, brooklyn, london, glasgow and paris {where i got the most perfect cake from pierre hermé} but the experience proved to be one of my highlights of 2012.

it took a village to pull this thing off so like the award shows, here's my list of thank yous, in no particular order:

...to the lovely ladies that signed up for this afternoon of flowers, food and frolic -- traveling from spain, parts of the uk and just up the road -- i was so, so happy and grateful to have met each of you.  thank you for sharing your 'how i fell in love with flowers' story, enthusiasm and talent.  and might i say that you really went for it.  your masterpieces speak for themselves.

...to cat and her mummy, auntie and uncle.  i don't think i sound like annie nor can i sing but i do find you three irrepressibly charming and lovely and very much look forward to sharing more stories.

...to the brixton crew.  thanks for letting lotte and me cut from your beautiful garden.  really authenticated the experience, if i do say so.

...to k, m and c.  thanks for hosting our gathering so perfectly and graciously.  for dealing with all the emails, texts, last-minute logistics, changes and headaches.  thanks for designing the flyer, for accepting crazy early flower deliveries, for letting me condition flowers in your bathroom, for taking beautiful photos but mostly for your friendship, kindness and encouragement.

...to my insanely brilliant partners, gourmandizing london and lotte & bloom.  gourmandizing, you make gorgeous food and when i found myself at a loss of words, i was so grateful that you delighted us with your beautiful menu and seemingly bottomless glasses of cava.  lotte, thanks so much for picking up the phone and saying yes, again and again -- couldn't have asked for a more perfect partner in crime.  i have so much love and respect for all of you as creatives and artists and can't wait to collaborate with you again...i can't quit you, for real.

love, peace and soul y'all. xxo

p.s. next workshop will be announced by week's end.  stay tuned...
UPDATE: for december workshop details, click here.

{photos by our hostess as well as yolanda, a participant & professional photographer and yours truly}

09 November 2012

06 November 2012


please.  it's the one right that is intrinsically tied to our others.  and if you voted early, then consider helping those you need assistance getting to the polls.  thank you. {photo}

05 November 2012

couldn't think of a clever title for this post because i'm all out of clever.  the mere fact that i'm blogging might be enough for now.  since i don't keep a written journal, today le blog will have to do.  sometimes i just need to write to make sense of all my thoughts, although i very much appreciate that some of you actually read my lengthy, all over the place and spotty posts.  buckle up groove bunnies, this is one of them.  

this weekend i was feeling a lot.  no escaping it, updates on sandy's devastation are everywhere.   to give you perspective, sandy was category 1, katrina was 5.  people are suffering and it's heartbreaking.  i feel guilty that i was spared.  but again, i'm thankful. 

i'm worried about the election.  climate change, women's rights, education, marriage equality, the distribution of wealth, the shrinking middle class...worried that not enough people are invested and that they won't vote.  or that they can't.  the 2000 election debacle is still fresh in my mind and with this being a close race, the threat of shenanigans seems real.  

i worked this weekend.  work, in general, has slowed down and i think this was my last event of the season.  was happy to have a constructive outlet for all my weird energy.  getting to market on friday was a small adventure. despite the gas shortage, power outages and driving restrictions and because of friends, specifically, suzanne of cocorosie and denise of denise fasanello design, i made it in.  from one half of the brooklyn bridge to the 20s, new york was a scary ghost town and then...flowers.  overbought as usual, this time because i knew getting back in would be difficult.  was so happy for the surplus.  amidst all the destruction and emptiness of the storm's aftermath, it was lovely to have beautiful hellebores, roses, ranunculus, carnations, peonies and anemones around me.  

delivering the event flowers was also an adventure and i called my superhero dad to save the day.   my parents have lived and learned and are well-versed in all matters hurricane/tropical storm so the first thing they did last sunday was fill up their tank and get water.  and like obi wan kenobi, daddy was my only hope.  driving to the venue, i saw massive lines of people and cars for gas.  guilt crept in again as we zoomed past but again, gratitude pushed it away.  got treated to dinner, halloween candy, provisions from costco and laughs.  doesn't get better than that.

really trying to make arrangements with leftover flowers instead of my usual let them mildew and die in their buckets.  found a creepy crawly in this morning's blackberries and now i'm wondering how many i've ingested and what they're doing inside of me.  guess i'll end on that note.  

hope you are safe, healthy and warm, or cool, if that's more comfortable where you are...

02 November 2012

new york weddings - winter 2013

happy to be featured, along with my talented colleagues, in new york weddings magazine's latest issue.  each designer was assigned a specific month and asked to design a corresponding bouquet.  they gave me may.  what do you think?  and that's the fancy ribbon i chose.