30 October 2012


hi.  right, it's almost november.  but i started drafting this post back in september, proving my intent to update le blog before now.  and now that sandy has new york city trapped indoors, i can't really procrastinate anymore.  i'm really good at it though, always have been.  an aside: why did i not take the news seriously and stock up?  dummy move.  brooklyn is shut down and there's not nary a sweet in any of my cupboards.  i looked.

back to biz -- though the above were taken in june, september was a blur, a flurry of activity, kat flower's biggest month yet, hallelujah.  this business of flowering is up and down so thank god for the busy.  felt like i was just running everywhere -- to market, to HQ, to load out then load in then load out again -- marathon days that start at 5am and don't end until 2am only to repeat again. during the busy, i do stop running to decorate the cake.  so much bloody pressure -- one false move and you've effed it up with no chance to fix.  there's a life metaphor in there somewhere.  this funny life that i've created for myself, it's a trip.

{photos by mitchell hart}


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