02 July 2012

yay july

had a few events last week culminating with a small wedding on saturday, all the while fighting acute bronchitis, i.e. a nasty chest cold.  coughing all day and night sucks but i'm glad it's july.  the 90+ degree weather i can do without...it's hot.  i'm off until august and unless i get a last minute booking, which is entirely possible, i don't have to will flowers to hold on for their close-up -- you can't imagine the agita that situation induces.  yes, life has far more stressful moments but presently, flowers wilting are mine.  

spent the remainder of my weekend convalescing and watching the first season of that great soap opera downton abbey.  might have to buy seasons two and three although it goes against what i'll spend money on.  not going to lie, i got into it.  

i also made an arrangement for my dining table.  had a bunch of leftovers and decided to challenge myself by fashioning something using as many of flowers as possible.  peonies, dahlias, lysimachia, bush ivy, russian olive, mountain mint, salvia, dusty miller, grevillea, ranunculus, scabiosa, jasmine, queen anne's lace, astrantia, geranium, astilbe, pittosporum...a lot going on.

and in case, you don't believe me about wilting flowers, see exhibit a above taken this morning.  bloody heat.


  1. Those are beautiful! Wish we had access to such resources as you do, in the Midwest....Are the large pale pink ones peonies or dahlias? If peonies they seem unusual!

    I know we're strangers, but I totally admire what you're doing and dream of setting up shop in downtown Detroit in a few years. No flower district there, though.

  2. First season of Downton Abbey MUCH better than seasons 2 and 3. We watched them all free on pbs.org. Might still be available...

  3. I LOVE your way with flowers. even the wilted ones are beautiful!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. @suzanne they are indeed peonies! my supplier didn't know their name but i got them because they were so unusual. as for setting up shop, you can do it. believe it.
    @crazykwilter thank you and yes, i'm feeling much better.

  5. I really love the flowers!So cute!And beautiful!

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