24 June 2012

45 or so days late and at least 77 dollars short...

it's sunday.  you haven't heard from me in a while but i'm still here.  sitting at my dining table in my very warm and very messy apartment eating my million dollar whole foods cherries and writing you.

i've given up on this blog being in chronological order, trying to document my life in flower as i happens.  it's just going to have to random.

this weekend i had three weddings, one on friday, two on saturday and i'm knackered.  i feel like i've been beaten, run over by a semi and beaten again but i still woke up at 6am.  retarded i know but such is the life of a florist during wedding season.

fyi, i've thrown my hands up with the photoshop thing.  i so wish that i could make those pretty side-by-sides or four in a set images that i see but it's not within my skillset and until someone else is blogging and/or editing photos for me, y'all will just have to deal with the janky way i post my images.  it bothers me but i got to let it go for now.

which i guess is fine being that i only seem willing to take photos with my phone.  might be able to blame that on instagram {join the party and follow me at katflower} though i recognize that i need a new camera.  the last time i whipped out my point and shoot was to snap the above {an arrangement for a client's showroom during resort week and yes, i instagram'd it}.  russian olive, clematis, peonies, roses...they're giving me life.

but back to the camera thing.  everyone says that when you get a great camera, you'll want to take pictures. maybe.  these people haven't seen me on event day.  anyway, DSLR, point and shoots, not sure which way to go...suggestions are most welcome.  just remember that complicated = me never using it.  i tell the truth.


  1. Honestly, you don't need a DSLR. It will end up being one more thing you'll feel pressured to master.

    I see people posting great pictures from their phone cameras (though my phone is too outdated).

    Learn the settings and features for that, and practice, practice, practice.

  2. If you reeeeeaaaaallllllly want to have fancy pictures for your blog, just go for the DSLR. It does take time to figure a camera like that out (like lots and lots of time, which sounds like something you may not have at the moment), but it's sooo worth it in the long run. Just remember to use mostly natural lighting with any camera you do use (iPhones are kind of amazing too!). Orrr you can always have a photographer friend around to take pictures for you?

    As for your layout, I would so love to help you assemble posts ( I just figured out this photoshop thing as of a month ago) if it means I'll get to see more of your gorgeous flowers (and I really really do love seeing your flowers!!)

  3. @crazykwilter and @kae thanks so much for advice. when i started this blog, it was mostly iphone pictures and every once and a while, i still post those. i know some photography basics and believe it or not, there is thought behind every image i take. i pretty much take photos in natural light because in my opinion, the flowers look best. i know photography has to be faked a bit, i.e. setting up the shot, moving things around, art directing a bit. i just rarely have that kind of time...

    but i'm not going to lie, DSLR cameras intimidate me a bit and i don't want to invest in a powerful camera if all i end up doing is pointing and shooting. but what i try to do now is get professional photographer friends or friends with great cameras to take photos on event days -- stay tuned. i still need a camera for the regular days because there is so much out there that i want to capture and share with all of you, though i am presently loving instagram. anyway, thanks again for commenting and staying with me. x

  4. Continue using your iPhone and get to the DSLR when you do. I have all 3 - iPhone, point and shoot and a DSLR. Easiest? iPhone and with all of the apps to doctor pictures on your iPhone, you're golden until you're ready for the next step. Your flowers are gorge and that definitely comes through in your photos.