26 June 2012

brides magazine - july

my bouquet for brides magazine.  pick up a copy at your local newstand or check out it out here. {photos by aaron dyer}

25 June 2012

the magical world of the interwebs

do you like my fancy {for me} photo collages of my april event?  i'm showing off a wee bit and that's what happens when i'm excited.  lore patterson from bainbridge island, wa {she so deserves this shout-out} heard my tech-challenged cry via twitter and was kind enough to send me a life preserver called pic monkey.  god bless her. am i the last person to find out about this brilliant site?  have y'all been holding out on me?

about the flowers...they were for an aerie for american eagle outfitters event at studio 450, with a 7am load-in {BIG UP team kat flower!}.  the client literally googled white and green flowers and printed out their selects for our meeting.  they made three requests -- hydrangea, lotus pods and it can't look like a wedding.  i was pretty excited to work with the palette because it screamed spring and i planned on going crazy with spirea, hellebore and ferns.  true confession: when an element is in season, i like to use it a lot, almost to the point of ennui.  not sure which made my heart race more, the double hellebore or the spirea...might be a tie.   

i can't close out this post without acknowledging the amazing anne robert, photographer extraordinaire.  anne is clutch in the truest sense of the word.  on more than one occasion, she has come through for me at the very last minute, fancy camera gear in tow to shoot beautiful images of my work.  check out more of her work here.  get into her brides, parents, everyone and book her.  she's talented and a love.  for serious.  

generosity and niceness is all around and for that and many other reasons, i remain grateful.

{all images by anne robert photography}

24 June 2012

45 or so days late and at least 77 dollars short...

it's sunday.  you haven't heard from me in a while but i'm still here.  sitting at my dining table in my very warm and very messy apartment eating my million dollar whole foods cherries and writing you.

i've given up on this blog being in chronological order, trying to document my life in flower as i happens.  it's just going to have to random.

this weekend i had three weddings, one on friday, two on saturday and i'm knackered.  i feel like i've been beaten, run over by a semi and beaten again but i still woke up at 6am.  retarded i know but such is the life of a florist during wedding season.

fyi, i've thrown my hands up with the photoshop thing.  i so wish that i could make those pretty side-by-sides or four in a set images that i see but it's not within my skillset and until someone else is blogging and/or editing photos for me, y'all will just have to deal with the janky way i post my images.  it bothers me but i got to let it go for now.

which i guess is fine being that i only seem willing to take photos with my phone.  might be able to blame that on instagram {join the party and follow me at katflower} though i recognize that i need a new camera.  the last time i whipped out my point and shoot was to snap the above {an arrangement for a client's showroom during resort week and yes, i instagram'd it}.  russian olive, clematis, peonies, roses...they're giving me life.

but back to the camera thing.  everyone says that when you get a great camera, you'll want to take pictures. maybe.  these people haven't seen me on event day.  anyway, DSLR, point and shoots, not sure which way to go...suggestions are most welcome.  just remember that complicated = me never using it.  i tell the truth.