04 May 2012

i'm only human

you know you're behind when your mom is telling you that you haven't updated your blog.  april showered a whole lot of busy on me and le blog took a little hit.  i'm super sleep-deprived and my apartment is in total and utter shambles but here's your kat flower update:

got a new intern.  melissa.  she is a SUPERSTAR!  and she talks fashion and shoes.  i heart her.

{having some layout issues so while i wanted to spread this text out, blogger is doing my head in}

2nd and 3rd photo - wedding at the newly renovated brooklyn winery.  one of the moms hired me and she was an absolute love to work with, full stop.  i cried the morning of, looking at all the arrangements.  felt proud.  and my team kicked ass. for serious.

4th photo - the flea is back outside and i upgraded my booth with the help of michelle edgemont.  got a big ol' sign, a fancy blackboard, hanging foam-core photos and some collateral.  

5th photo - corporate event at studio 450.  shades of greens, whites and gray.  had fun, client was really happy, and again, team kat flower was in full effect mode.  plus my brother helped me break down after working an overnight shift saving babies.  it takes a village to raise this business and i'm not above recruiting family...

also met with brides, wrote proposals, ordered heaps of flowers {peonies are making their way back}, produced a fundraising gala {a nod to my pre-floral designer event planner days}, went to LA, worked on a few photo shoots and made new friends. 

i'm back at the flea in fort greene this saturday.  come by, say hello and yeah, buy some flowers.

check out my cost saving tips for wedding flowers on the DIY network here.  i feel it coming together y'all...just have to keep it together.  thanks for staying with me. x

p.s. many of the photos here were taken by melissa.  love her.


  1. I've missed the updates - so glad to see what you've been up to! xx

  2. Aww...... I am blushing. Thank you for the oh-so-kind words, Kat. You are amazing to work with and it truly has been a pleasure & great joy to me. :)