08 April 2012

happy easter

and joyeuses pâques bunnies.  i'm gonna wear a bonnet and indulge in some sort of decadent dessert.  hope you and yours have the sweetest day. x

02 April 2012

i can't help it

bought more flowers than i could ever need on saturday's market run.  with my monthly bills, not to mention taxes, was this practical? no.   an error in judgment? perhaps.  necessary? duh, yes.  

i was in the mood to flower this weekend.  and spring blooms bring it.  felt like i was at a great sample sale, picking up as many flowers as i could carry, feeling all feverish as i thought about all the different combinations. it's just the beginning buttercups -- there's so much more gorgeousness to be enjoyed.  so all things considered, i should be congratulated that i didn't buy more than i did.   i assure you that this creative thinking and rationalization has not gotten me all that far...