15 March 2012

welcome to the comfort zone

'nerves overwrought by work would relax there just like the relaxing example of those stagnant waters, and, for womever inhabited it, this room would offer asylum for peaceful meditation amidst a flowery aquarium.' -- claude monet, 1909

hi little darlings.  i'm back in brooklyn and it's very good to be home.  the highlight of my trip was hands-down seeing monet's masterworks les nymphéas {translation: waterlilies} live and in person at musée l'orangerie {remember this post?}  with all of the hustle and bustle that always accompany my sojourns to the city of lights, entering the twin salons to be completely surrounded by over 300 feet of impressionist brilliance brought me to a complete and utterly reverent stop.  i sat, moving only to change vantage points, feeling supremely grateful to have the gift of sight and a moment to pause.  

photos are prohibited in the salons and truly, no photo, book, postcard or any other facsimile would do it justice -- i seriously thought about publishing this post sans photo.  it's sensory overload in the most comforting way and i won't wax on about it because i really, really want, rather, i urge you to visit and experience it for yourselves.  {above photos from here}


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