22 March 2012

a paris fashion week moment

if they post your photo in vogue australia during paris fashion week, well then, you can't be shy about sharing it on your own blog, right? right says my bestie.  true story: i was running out to get a yogurt when a photographer stopped me and asked if i wouldn't mind her taking my photo.  for a brief couple of seconds, though she spoke english, i thought she was asking me for directions and i was formulating french sentences in my head.  clearly i came to and pulled it together. anyway, here's the link to the post.  BIG thank you to candice lake for giving me ten very glamorous minutes.  i was beyond flattered. {photo by candice lake}
p.s. we are now back to our regularly scheduled program, i.e. flowers and not street style shots of me.
UPDATE: here i am strutting on uk glamour...avec chaussures


  1. SHUT IT!! That is awesome. It's a shame they didn't catch the shoes. See people, floral designers can get dressed up too.

    By the way, LOVE your lipstick shade.

  2. Kat, I love it!!! You are so beautiful sistah....xoxo

  3. I'm not surprised at all, you are one of the most fashionable women I know! Looking gorgeous as usual.

  4. Fabulous! Darn right, you should post it. Show them how it's done.

  5. BEAUTY. just goes to show that true style is born, not bought. DO IT.