02 March 2012

best-laid plans, paris and all that

i'm writing this from that tiny flat on rue st. honore.  yes, i'm in paris.  shout-out to my french readers {wonder how shout-out translates in french..}.  had hoped to post before now but well, i never got to it. such is the life of a small business owner.  feel like i've been saying that a lot lately.

lots of things racing through my mind -- proposals..need to email some folks..scheduling..need to drink more water..brought running gear with me but will find time to run? {guess i should be doing that now}..booking season..why didn't i pack more flats?..need more ranunculus...i can go on but it's boring.

anyway, will try to post while i'm here but if not {again, best-laid plans and all that}, follow me on the twitter or instagram.  usernames: katflowerbk and katflower, respectively.

bisous x

{image from here via this is glamorous


  1. Why does even a wittily rambling post sound more romantic when written from Paris? Enjoy!

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