16 February 2012

back to tuesday

'oh, oh, oh, i'm so tired' {sung to the tune of bruce springsteen's i'm on fire}  
a little ditty i made up many, many years that i automatically sing whenever i'm exhausted.  
it's been on repeat all week.

do you get those emails, see those articles during fashion week giving you a peek inside editors' suitcases, perfectly showcasing the season's best offerings?  proenza schouler bag, erdem trousers, vintage fur, miH jeans, isabel marant dress, celine sunnies, valextra passport holder...you get it.  well here is some of my pre and post valentine's week wardrobe, not artfully styled, not fashionable, just messy and c-r-a-z-y.  i managed to keep my house tidy for over a month but then i decided to pop-up, offing all bets.  did i mention that i have one earring in my ear that's also stuck in my hair and i'm scared that i may have to cut it out?  who am i?

it was madness, albeit slightly contained, for a few days.  floral designers go hard on a regular but valentine's is a special kind of frenzy.  but all in all, the pop-up was great.  got aches, pains and bags and no financial return {none}, but i learned a lot.  i love that kat flower, both the creative side and the business side keeps me learning and growing.  i try to remember that when i'm paying the monthly bills. 

and 606 r&d was the perfect partner for this project.  the owners are lovely and the restaurant is so comfortable and airy in a cozy way that i felt no way at all about being there all day.  i had the flowers lined up on a bench outside {thank god for the mild weather} with a little butcher paper sign announcing the sale.  i think it gained some attention, especially since 606 r&d is less than a month old.  

my favorite part of bringing flowers to the people is well, the people.  i live just a few blocks away from the restaurant so it was especially lovely to meet my neighbors.  and let's be clear...no one buying flowers is sour about it.  flowers break the ice, warm hearts and they put smiles on faces, making my job pretty easy.  parents with little ones, husbands with relief in their eyes, couples in love, not to mention friends who stopped by...i am so grateful to everyone.  

valentine's evening, i wanted to go all out and eat decadently.  am i the only one who rewards herself with food?  i was so knackered that i couldn't manage it.  drove home, leaving the leftover flowers in the car {they're still there} and proceeded to pass out on the sofa, shoes and all.  

hope your valentine's day was magical.  

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  1. Gotta spend money to make money, right? What fool said that? Good for you. Wanna hear all the details....