06 February 2012

let it go, let it flow

sometimes, okay a lot of the times, you just have to roll with it.  case in point -- last friday, i was shopping for a photo shoot.  i had absolutely NO idea what i wanted to do so i figured i'd wander market until i got some inspiration.

enter spirea.  i've made no secret about my love for blossoming branches.  and when they're available, i like to take every opportunity to use them.  local spirea is gorgeously wild, its flowers are teeny-tiny but special and i thought its movement would look cool in a bouquet.  i picked up some not-so-dark center white anemones, white hellebore and poppies for color and i thought i was ready to rock and roll.  

but as i wandered {and i mean that literally...you would think i was furniture-shopping}, i fell in love with this mink protea, taking me in a whole 'nother direction.  went back to find the ranunculus i now had reason to buy, amaryllis and other elements and it started to come together.  never mind that i was BLOWING my budget.  but that is de rigueur in every area of my life so i know how to go with it.

prepped the flowers and when i saw them all, i decided what the hell, let's use all these flowers.  i can make it work. one of my mottos: even if you're dead wrong, you gotta do things confidently and purposefully.   

it was my capital H heaviest bouquet to date.  i could barely get my hand around it and ribboning proved to be challenging.  but i like how it turned out.  can't wait to see the professional images.