14 February 2012

the gamble

happy valentine's day lovelies!  from this crappy iphone photo, it doesn't seem like a lot of flowers all mushed up there but trust and believe, i could buy a beautiful pair of shoes from barney's 4th floor shoe salon followed by lunch at fred's with the cash i dropped.  a lot of goodness...
french anemones
other anemones from another foreign land
ranunculus from israel
two kinds of carnations {don't sleep on them}
camellia on the branch
white heather
wax flower
garden roses
bush ivy
ming fern
seeded eucalyptus
green bell
icelandic poppies, dusty miller and sprengeri from california

and it's a total crapshoot...such is the way with retail.  we just hope that when we build it, y'all will come. so remember, i will be at 606 r & d in prospect heights today from 9am-12pm and 5-8pm with bouquets at the ready. whether you're celebrating with yourself, a loved one or some poor soul that you feel bad about dumping before valentine's day, i just want you to be happy...avec mes fleurs.  so c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-come on!


  1. As someone still recovering from V-day's craziness, I most certainly do not doubt you. Glad your partnership went well!

  2. That's so funny that you call it a "crapshoot"—that's exactly what I always say about V-Day. Weddings are easy b/c you know exactly how many tables, attendants, etc. With V-Day you never know. Last year I totally overbought—this year was better. It's a lot of work and a total gamble as to a profit; however, I'm sure your creations brought joy to many—that's something.