20 February 2012

how to see a tree

been so obsessed with mitch epstein's romantic portraits of some of new york city's most spectacular trees
{photo by mitch epstein via the sunday magazine}

16 February 2012

real wedding: kate & sean

photos from kate and sean's october wedding at housing works bookstore.

flowers on route to delivery.  purple rain was stuck in my head for about a week.

congratulations kate and sean!  wishing you a long and blissful life together.
{photos by jacob b. murphy}

back to tuesday

'oh, oh, oh, i'm so tired' {sung to the tune of bruce springsteen's i'm on fire}  
a little ditty i made up many, many years that i automatically sing whenever i'm exhausted.  
it's been on repeat all week.

do you get those emails, see those articles during fashion week giving you a peek inside editors' suitcases, perfectly showcasing the season's best offerings?  proenza schouler bag, erdem trousers, vintage fur, miH jeans, isabel marant dress, celine sunnies, valextra passport holder...you get it.  well here is some of my pre and post valentine's week wardrobe, not artfully styled, not fashionable, just messy and c-r-a-z-y.  i managed to keep my house tidy for over a month but then i decided to pop-up, offing all bets.  did i mention that i have one earring in my ear that's also stuck in my hair and i'm scared that i may have to cut it out?  who am i?

it was madness, albeit slightly contained, for a few days.  floral designers go hard on a regular but valentine's is a special kind of frenzy.  but all in all, the pop-up was great.  got aches, pains and bags and no financial return {none}, but i learned a lot.  i love that kat flower, both the creative side and the business side keeps me learning and growing.  i try to remember that when i'm paying the monthly bills. 

and 606 r&d was the perfect partner for this project.  the owners are lovely and the restaurant is so comfortable and airy in a cozy way that i felt no way at all about being there all day.  i had the flowers lined up on a bench outside {thank god for the mild weather} with a little butcher paper sign announcing the sale.  i think it gained some attention, especially since 606 r&d is less than a month old.  

my favorite part of bringing flowers to the people is well, the people.  i live just a few blocks away from the restaurant so it was especially lovely to meet my neighbors.  and let's be clear...no one buying flowers is sour about it.  flowers break the ice, warm hearts and they put smiles on faces, making my job pretty easy.  parents with little ones, husbands with relief in their eyes, couples in love, not to mention friends who stopped by...i am so grateful to everyone.  

valentine's evening, i wanted to go all out and eat decadently.  am i the only one who rewards herself with food?  i was so knackered that i couldn't manage it.  drove home, leaving the leftover flowers in the car {they're still there} and proceeded to pass out on the sofa, shoes and all.  

hope your valentine's day was magical.  

14 February 2012

the gamble

happy valentine's day lovelies!  from this crappy iphone photo, it doesn't seem like a lot of flowers all mushed up there but trust and believe, i could buy a beautiful pair of shoes from barney's 4th floor shoe salon followed by lunch at fred's with the cash i dropped.  a lot of goodness...
french anemones
other anemones from another foreign land
ranunculus from israel
two kinds of carnations {don't sleep on them}
camellia on the branch
white heather
wax flower
garden roses
bush ivy
ming fern
seeded eucalyptus
green bell
icelandic poppies, dusty miller and sprengeri from california

and it's a total crapshoot...such is the way with retail.  we just hope that when we build it, y'all will come. so remember, i will be at 606 r & d in prospect heights today from 9am-12pm and 5-8pm with bouquets at the ready. whether you're celebrating with yourself, a loved one or some poor soul that you feel bad about dumping before valentine's day, i just want you to be happy...avec mes fleurs.  so c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-come on!

09 February 2012

BIG breaking valentine's day news!

in celebration of st. valentine's day, i am partnering with the newly opened, 606 r & d, my new favorite local restaurant, to what else -- sell flowers!  {quick aside: i have been anticipating 606 r & d's opening since reading about it here and it has more than delivered.}

inspired by my love of flowers and food, i will be on hand and in-store, from 9am-12pm and 5-8pm*, with some pretty gorgeous hand-tied bouquets that i guarantee will delight your valentine.  think fresh, seasonal, textural, colorful with notes of romance and whimsy.  prices range from $30-50.

i'm still taking pre-orders but if this works better for you, please come on by!  606 r & d will be serving their delicious, made-on-the-premises cake donuts in the morning and for the pm crowd, they are currently accepting dinner reservations.  if you go for the flower and dinner combo, your flowers will be waiting for you when you arrive.  

very much looking forward to seeing you!

606 r & d restaurant
606 vanderbilt avenue {between prospect & st. marks}
prospect heights, brooklyn

*or until i run out of flowers so pre-ordering is highly suggested.  again, don't play yourself.

{photo from here}

sharing is caring

great news right?  {image from domino!}

08 February 2012

you give me butterflies

fashion week in fashion city starts tomorrow and in honor of it...ryan mcginley’s beautiful rebels for edun
{via nowness}

07 February 2012

game on

in my effort to use leftover flowers and not let them die a long and merciless death in a prep vase, i made this arrangement using last friday's scraps.  been looking at it since and with valentine's day just one week away, i think it would make a lovely option for all of you looking for flowers for your honey.  to that end and in the words of mrs. pickering...

don't get played.  i promise to do the big creative thinking for you.  what i need you to do is get your weight up and place your order today.  or share my information with that special someone.  you'll be sooooooo glad you did.
{above image from here}

06 February 2012

let it go, let it flow

sometimes, okay a lot of the times, you just have to roll with it.  case in point -- last friday, i was shopping for a photo shoot.  i had absolutely NO idea what i wanted to do so i figured i'd wander market until i got some inspiration.

enter spirea.  i've made no secret about my love for blossoming branches.  and when they're available, i like to take every opportunity to use them.  local spirea is gorgeously wild, its flowers are teeny-tiny but special and i thought its movement would look cool in a bouquet.  i picked up some not-so-dark center white anemones, white hellebore and poppies for color and i thought i was ready to rock and roll.  

but as i wandered {and i mean that literally...you would think i was furniture-shopping}, i fell in love with this mink protea, taking me in a whole 'nother direction.  went back to find the ranunculus i now had reason to buy, amaryllis and other elements and it started to come together.  never mind that i was BLOWING my budget.  but that is de rigueur in every area of my life so i know how to go with it.

prepped the flowers and when i saw them all, i decided what the hell, let's use all these flowers.  i can make it work. one of my mottos: even if you're dead wrong, you gotta do things confidently and purposefully.   

it was my capital H heaviest bouquet to date.  i could barely get my hand around it and ribboning proved to be challenging.  but i like how it turned out.  can't wait to see the professional images.