11 January 2012

scared money don't make no money

i started kat flower to share my love of flowers.  i have an aesthetic -- it's lush, romantic, loose, seasonal, textural, whimsical and i'm not afraid of color.  i love greens and vines and going with a flower's natural movement.  and though i can go simple, many of my designs have 15+ elements in it.  it's not particularly inexpensive but it's what i like and what i do.

i work in new york, a market saturated with brilliantly talented designers.  lots of choices out there, catering to different styles and budgets but guess what?  i want to work with people that love kat flower.  people that look at my body of work and buy into what it is i do.  i don't want to be second choice.  i don't want clients coming to me because they couldn't afford x or y.  or clients that say they don't really love or care about flowers because i love and care about them.  or clients with copious tears of another designer's work looking for me recreate it for their event.  of course, i know that designers get booked and i very much appreciate when my colleagues refer business to me {i do the same} but  once you come to me, you need to trust and believe in the work that i do.

another thing...pricing.  i'm completely above board about it and even include it on my website.  so when you inquire as to my availability, i trust that you know what you're in for, both aesthetically and financially.  time is a precious commodity and i'm not about wasting yours or mine.  that's not to say that i don't do small events because i very much do...it just has to make sense for the both of us.  this is after all, my business and livelihood, not my hobby or side-hustle.

basically the long and short of it is, in today's fickle economy, it would be easy, at least at first, to take every job that crosses my path.  but i'm thinking long-term and big picture so i can't do that.  i'll wait for the jobs and clients that are a good fit.  and eventually, as i become more established, those jobs will find me.  scared money don't make no money*.  and i'm not scared, at least, not right now anyway.

*lyric by young jeezy.  thanks sha for hipping me to it.


  1. Great post...frank and honest and fair to all concerned! Fabulous floral pic, too, by the way. :-)

  2. thanks for putting this into words. not everybody understands how much sense it makes to sometimes turn down business.

  3. Thanks. I needed to read this today.

  4. You're a brilliant and talented woman, Miss Kat. And so right about this.

  5. so true! thanks for sharing your heart about this!

  6. I just found you via Michelle Edgemont and this is so what I needed to hear! I'm just starting out and I know that I'm still learning(I don't think that will ever stop!) Yes, I know I need business to grow, get my name out there etc but I think it's important for me to learn from the start about taking on business that's a good f it for me.

    ANyway, thanks for this and I may have just spent a few hours reading posts, looking at your work and soaking up the pretty.

  7. Kat,
    Thank you for having the courage to say what so many of us creative professionals "think" but never "say". Your blog is a breath of fresh air!