03 January 2012

i'm ready

it's 2012!  yay!  what's not to love about a new year, a fresh start, a global clean slate.  it's a perfect time to do new things and the potential for greatness can't be ignored.  it's already a bigger and badder year for me and kat flower and to that end, i thought i'd share some goals that will make this year off the chiz-art...
- get some plants.  sad but true confession.
- keep my house tidy for at least a month.  it's super clean now and i am loving it.  staying in love enough to put my shoes and other crap away will be key.
- take better care of my skin.
- visit friends that live out of town.
- visit a new country.  might be able to fold in the aforementioned.  
- look up at the sky more.  
- dream, laugh, cook, read, teach more.
- finally learn to knit.
- grow.
- re-upholster my sofa.  it will be a total game changer.
- get a haircut.
- de-clutter.  
- use every gift certificate i've received over the last, i don't know, three years.
- learn to smize, i.e. smile with my eyes.  never too late.
- be loving, be gracious and be thankful.  that one is a life resolution.  always and forever.

happy new year buttercups.  wishing you beauty, love, hope, peace and light this year and beyond. x

p.s. a reason to love winter -- quince blossoms.  definitely one of my top 7.
p.p.s. already making progress on my list.  feel free to share some of your goals below.  might want to add some more...


  1. i realize i rarely comment on your lovely blog. just visited your site as well,
    so cheery, really! especially on this cold ass january day. keep doing what you're doing beauty. and who doesn't love some winter quince blossoms any day of the week. ~xx

  2. my favorite thing about your list is that it's all about YOU. not money, man, family or work. i like that.