13 January 2012

different kind of italian leftovers..

you gotta be a ice-cold mf not to smile when you see a poppy.

leftovers from last saturday's wedding but i'm delighted for the bounty.  have thoroughly enjoyed their irrepressible cheer throughout the apartment.  poppies are the perfect reminder that even in the dead of winter, spring will be here soon.


  1. Replies
    1. This is very beautiful collection of flowers. I love the textures and the color of the flowers.
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  2. best poppy post ever. smiling for sure!

  3. Gorgeous flowers! every time there's a wedding held in our church we requested for the flowers and I arrange it again for my house.


  4. Amazing how flowers can instantly make you happy. These pictures are simply lovely and made if not my day, the next hour :-)

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