31 October 2011

definitely treat

what it's all about...happy halloween groove bunnies.  i'm planning on seeing two of my favorite little ones later today and stealing some of their candy.  hahaha. i kid.  okay, not really.  {photo by margarita corporan}

update: one was a fire chief and the other was one of the british nicki minaj singing sisters. i can't...SOOO cute!  and no halloween candy for me.

30 October 2011


w.r.e.a.m. october came to an abrupt and unexpected end with saturday's freakishly early snowstorm. snow on trees that still have not changed color and snow on sidewalks littered with fallen leaves was on the crazy side of crazy.  i was scheduled to be at the brooklyn flea saturday but due to weather, i had a long-time-coming day off.  no complaints here!  spent the day catching up on emails, finishing proposals, switching my closet {would you believe that i still hadn't retired my summer wardrobe?}, doing laundry and other household chores, visiting clothes i shouldn't buy on the inter-webs, watching food network and discovery and just having a normal non-floral designer saturday.  not loving snow's premature debut as i feel like it's a scary harbinger of the winter to come {lord help us}, but was happy for the break...

as for some of my october weddings...
october 8th...arrived from paris late thursday night and went straight into production friday morning.  no time for jet lag, no time to unpack {confession: my suitcase is still on my bedroom floor...shameful i know}.  photo of the bouquet and the back of the ride as we head out to LI.

october 15th...fight with a pear branch.  by the jagged pinky slice, i think it was a draw.  probably could have used a stitch but my brother {dr. brother} was out of town so knuckle up i did.  and another photo of the back of the ride as we race down the west side highway to the church. 

october 22nd...small wedding so i rode solo to tribeca for this mission.  bride was super sweet and almost, almost, made me tear up as she thanked me for her flowers.  i love all my couples.

october 23rd...in the car as bouquets and i head to housing works bookstore.  white anemones, particularly the ones with black centers, are on the early side so they'll get better later in the season but my bride wanted them and i made it happen.  and i only just stopped singing purple rain. 

sorry that i'm only able to share these less-than-brilliant iphone photos.  honestly, i'm awful at taking photos on jobs so there it is. x

27 October 2011

brenda starr

it's been in the works for a while but this morning, it's official...i'm now blogging for the huffington post!  late summer, they reached out to me about sharing my experiences as an entrepreneur and running a small business.  my first post was published about an hour ago and i am surprised how happy i am about it -- i'm totally having a brenda starr moment and i'm kind of proud of myself.  who knew that le blog would lead to such a brilliant opportunity...

anyway, check it out here and let me know what you think!

17 October 2011

real wedding - erica & matt

it's been a long time coming but i'm delighted to share some images from erica and matt's gorgeous may wedding at the ramscale loft, currently being featured on once wed.

erica and matt had a clear vision of what they wanted their wedding to be -- an intimate, west village celebration with close family and friends, great food, good music and dancing.   their aesthetic was also definitive -- clean white space, neutral, flesh-colored palette, mercury glass, candles and white lights.  and then there was erica's dress..

i rarely see the bride and groom on the day of but as luck would have it, i saw erica and matt in all their finery.  the photos really do not capture how flawless and perfect they looked...so beautiful, so happy, so in love.  wishing them every morsel of happiness this life has. x {photos by max wanger}

11 October 2011

times are changing and help is needed

dream of working with flowers regularly?  have visions of floral masterpieces dancing in your head? can you lift water-filled vases and urns in a single bound?  if you answered yes to any of these questions, then kat flower wants you...to be an intern.

w.r.e.a.m is in full effect and team kat flower needs your help!  again, the ideal candidate should love to be around flowers in all its states, be intelligent, very dependable and proactive, in that order, be willing and able to sometimes work in the early hours of the morning and weekends.  you should be quick, strong and coordinated, i.e. no awkward carrying of vases, centerpieces, etc.  you must also like weddings, events, cookies, brooklyn, people, sweeping, sunshine, washing vases and changing vase water because you'll be doing all of that and more.

the position is unpaid, hence the careful use of the word intern, but i promise to teach you everything i know as well as feed you.  you'll need to be available 2-3 {but more like 2} days a week, one of which will most definitely be a weekend day.  if you're interested or know anyone who might be, shoot me an email at kathleen{at}katflower dot com with a brief resume and be sure to include internship in the subject line.
thanks very much in advance,
k x

07 October 2011

living with beauty

bonjour!  i'm back.  paris was lovely but exhausting.  didn't have much time to do much but will share some snaps in a future post.  in the meantime-between time, check out kalyn johnson of effie's paper and yours truly on the bride's cafe.  i taught kalyn how to make a simple arrangement using readily available vessels in her home and the lovely mel barlow, photographer extraordinaire, was kind enough to capture it all. {photo by mel barlow}

05 October 2011

w.r.e.a.m. october

'weddings rule everything around me, W.R.E.A.M get the money, dollar, dollar bill y'all.'
groove bunnies, october is on and poppin'!  leaving paris tomorrow evening and then it's wedding, wedding and more wedding! but back to paris for un moment...my friend and i ran into colette before they closed and as usual, it was rammed with people -- i wonder how people manage to shop there.  just seems to always be full of people just hanging about, waiting and wanting to be seen, especially during fashion week.  silly.  but enough of that.  after i sprayed myself with some regrettable eau de parfum {i don't remember the brand so i'm in danger of doing it again. i reek of it}, i quickly checked out the art and books.  art i need to look into, books were nothing i can't find in the nyc.  plus weighing down my 27+kg case with a heavy book isn't particularly ideal.  taking photographs at colette is forbidden but i did manage to snap the one above {no time for composition so no judgment}.  the movie opens in paris tonight but somehow, when i get back, in the midst of my october madness, i will check it out.  love r.g.

on another note, i feel like little dragon's ritual union is october's soundtrack - this track in particular.  i'll sleep when i'm dead, right?