28 September 2011

seventies chic

i'm headed to paris tonight.  been a minute since i've shared some music with y'all and think the moment calls for some dalida.  back story: when i was wee, one of favorite things to do was look through my dad's records and i was particularly obsessed with the dalida albums.  i just thought she was glamorous, beautiful, sexy {even i could see it at a tender age} and chic.  other women with whom i was obsessed: my mom and aunts {her sisters}, lynda carter {wonder woman, duh}, diana ross, my mom's friend piper, maria from sesame street, irene cara, the solid gold dancers, but i digress.... i loved dalida's voice and i really didn't know what she was singing about with such intensity but i was altogether moved.  this song is one of my favorites.  when i was in paris in march, i heard it for the first time in years and totally had a proustian moment {sans madeline and tea} -- me sitting on the living room floor with the albums strewn about and my dad singing along.  complete sensory memory down to the corduroys i was wearing...

anyway, it's paris fashion week so it should be a feeling.  will try to post some photos while i'm away but i make no promises.   à bientôt mes p'tits choux!  bisous, kx

26 September 2011

keep it simple

created some centerpieces for a rehearsal dinner at new york athletic club in pelham last week.  original plan was to use some of the club's trophies as vessels {cool!} but our plans were thwarted {drat!} and we ended up using glass cubes.  sometimes, you just gotta roll with it...

15 September 2011

you are the prototype

just tweeted this for those of you following me but thought the blog deserved some sneaky peek love too.  it's a prototype centerpiece for an upcoming october wedding.  meant to take a proper photo with my camera but you know what they say about good intentions...we'll have to settle for this crappy iphone shot.  oh, and the bride loved it!  here's hoping all the above is available in a month...haha! {okay, not really funny}

09 September 2011

munaluchi bride editorial shoot: brace yourself

my editorial shoot for munaluchi bride is live on munaluchi's blog, kiss the groom and style me pretty!  folks are often curious as to how this things happen so here's how it went down.  it was a saturday night in june and i was leaving an event at the time warner center...check my phone and see a message from elizabeth messina, one of the most talented wedding and portrait photographers out there.  she writes that she's coming to town to shoot a bridal editorial for munaluchi bride and is checking to see if i'd be interested in designing and styling all the florals.  duh, hell to the yeah, i'm interested!  if you're not familiar with elizabeth's work then GET INTO IT!  she's brilliant, sublime, soulful and her work evokes romance, beauty, emotion, passion and sexy...she knows what she's doing for reals.  and i worked with her on this shoot so i knew she would create magic.

munaluchi bride is a new bridal mag on the scene and they are making power moves!  led by their fearless e-i-c jacqueline nwobu, their team couldn't have been more easy to work with or nicer.  but before we get taken away by this ridiculously gorgeous shoot, i thought you can have a looky-loo at my very mediocre behind the scenes snaps...
it was one of those aggressively hot days and the shoot was outside.  i was constantly bringing the bouquets to mist them and put them back in water...stressful. 
the shoot was entitled sweet romance and as you can see, the images convey just that. 

on set.  staying in water until go time...
damn. some peony and maiden hair fern casualties. 
so happy to share some of these images with you.  it's a 24-page spread so if you want to see more, be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine or order it here.  and my heartfelt thanks to elizabeth messina and jackie nwobu of munaluchi bride...this was a dream come true.  i really, really love my job!

editorial credits:
photography: elizabeth messina 
location: oheka castle
hair adornments: twigs & honey 
gowns {shown here}: claire pettibone, vera wang, bhldn
hair: brian mann 
makeup: dex new york 
floral design: me!
fashion stylist: joy adaeze 
cakes + desserts: palermo’s bakery

08 September 2011

pushy season, major shoes

fall seems really pushy right about now.  i mean, technically it's still summer but the temps and weather in general are saying otherwise.  i wore leggings and a cardi for the first time in a long time.  sure i wore them with a bright summer t-dress but i wasn't really happy about it in the least.

the one thing that does excite me about the fall are all the amazing shoes.  i know this a flower blog but like many girls, i LOVE me some shoes -- i'm sure i've mentioned it before.  from the photos above, you can see that i am totally having a blue and burgundy moment.  is that chrissie morris not perfect for a floral designer?  i mean, there are petals blooming at the back of the shoe!  {images from here and here}
 p.s. yes, i've already tried on both and can pledge my undying love...saving my pennies as i write this.

06 September 2011

on the road: close encounters of the flora and fauna kind

happy september and day after labor day groove bunnies!  hope you had a glorious holiday weekend.  mine was pretty kick-ass and action-packed.  i took my flower show on the road for a wedding in nashville, tennessee.  yee-haw!  lots of work {again, it's not the glamorous life} but i had so much fun.  and check out my little assistant!  we got him on his way...  i tweeted some photos whilst there but hope to share some better ones soon.