31 May 2011

thanks j.crew!

j.crew bloggers visited the flea a weeks ago and snapped some photos of my little flower stand.  check out the full post here.  
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{photo by morgan milner}

30 May 2011

goodbye spring

it's not official yet but new york temperatures seem firmly entrenched in summer...already.  always enjoy citrus on warm days like today.  
{photos from here, here and here}

26 May 2011

for my sister

truer words could not be written.  you are beauty.  happy birthday kerry.  love you.

25 May 2011

fade to pink

my gorgeous fuschia peonies are no longer.  only diamonds are forever.


24 May 2011

parlor dinner

earlier this month, i served as one of the hosts of an intimate and elegant dinner party at brooklyn winery in williamsburg.
the evening was a coming together of wedding planners, editors and vendors and i was charged with the decor details.
our theme was a rustic, vintage speakeasy and the venue's parlor room, with its beautiful wood, exposed brick, aged iron and barrels was the perfect space.  because of the darkness of the wood, i thought i'd inject a whole lot of color.  with spring blossoms popping everywhere, i was drawn to azalea, coral sunset peonies, garden roses, ranunculus and one of my seasonal favorites, lilac {that they mimic grapes on the vine was not lost on me at all}. 
two paper dolls designed the very cool menu cards and placecards and jillian of 100 layer cake styled it all with charming mix-match plates.

in addition to the florals, i filled the room with vintage bottles with dripping candles and repurposed cordial glasses as votives. 

radish created our gorgeous family style meal.  two words: ramp butter. they also have the sweetest brick and mortar shop a block away from the winery where you can carry out lunch AND dinner.  fresh, organic, seasonal and simple -- my kind of food.  btw, never thought of roasted tomatoes on the vine with the vine.  it made for a beautiful presentation.

last but certainly not least, we are all entertained by the talented musicians of elan artists

'twas a perfect evening.  i saw some friends and made some new ones.   big thank you to all my co-hosts -- honored to work with you on this amazing event. 

letterpress menu cards and place cards: two paper dolls
catering: radish
entertainment: elan artists

23 May 2011


in case, you didn't know, i'm a bit of a perfectionist.  not such a bad thing given my line of work but from a small business owner perspective, it's not so bueno.

i've got big dreams and big ideas.  i get fixated on doing things a certain way {in my head, the right way} to the point that i can't think beyond that way.  and i won't do anything until i can do it the way i want.  in my head, it's me not settling and it affects everything i do.  case in point, i lived in my apartment for almost three years without a tv.  big deal right?  it's not that i didn't want a tv, it's that i wanted an armoire to house said tv and i was committed to live without one until i could afford to buy the perfect armoire. 

so you're probably wondering how this pertains to the blog and the business in general. well, with the absence of a website {i'll get to that in a minute}, this blog is my primary marketing tool.  a lot of thought goes into the content, etc. and with it being wedding/event season, things at the flower factory are popping.  while i am waiting on some images, i also have enough to share with y'all.  just trying to figure out in what order to do that. 

as for a website, in my mind, i envision the most perfect site for kat flower -- one that communicates who i am, what i've done and can do, is visually arresting and beautiful, all helping me grow the business.   it's a million dollar site and in my crazy head, i want to wait until i have that million to get it done.  uh, wrong.  need a site now.

there's so much more to this business than just designing flowers.  there's branding, marketing, publicity, production, logistics, social media, finances, administration, retail, hr, etc.  lately, i've been feeling a lot of pressure about it all and so i decided to focus on the part i love and can control...designing flowers.

anyway, thanks for letting me go on and on and if you didn't read the above {totally fine, i would've skipped it too}, the above subpar, grainy iphone image is an arrangement i made using the excess flowers from this weekend's events.   will share more {and better} images of my adventures with flowers later this week.  stay tuned. x

10 May 2011

meet preston & olivia

preston & olivia is a brand-spanking new gorgeous line of wedding accessories designed by fashionable southern belle now new yorker dara kent cobb.  in dara's words: "this collection is filled with nostalgia for the place i left behind (my home state of louisiana) but is only a preview for the wonderful things that are to come for preston & olivia."
i had the distinct pleasure of designing flowers for the debut collection's shoot.  inspired by dara's vintage sensibilities, the fabric and palette as well as her southern roots, i used juliet and yves piaget roses, dusty miller, mimosa, eucalyptus, ranunculus, hellebore and yes, cotton to create designs that would complement the collection and the styling.  it was a great shoot and it's always a supremely fun to work with talented people.
one last, albeit, important note.  the collection was lovingly shot by wedding and portrait photographer extraordinaire, trent bailey cobb, who happens to be dara's mr. {hence my use of the adverb lovingly}.  talk about power couple!

the shoot is also being featured on 100 layer cake which includes a giveaway!  click here for more details.
photography:  trent bailey photography
styling: merci new york
makeup: facetime beauty concierge
suiting: billy reid
wedding dress: gabriella new york
venue:  the green building

saturday at the flea: mother's day edition

{exhale} it was a flower-palooza the day before mama's day and petals were flying as i furiously made pretty bouquets for all you motherlovers.  luckily i had tons of flowers on hand to help with the task.  if you didn't have a chance to stop by, here's some of what you missed...

libretto parrot tulips.  one of my favorites
pin cushions.  one customer bought them all for his grandma.
lilac.  one of the three colors.
no mother's day bouquet would be complete without peonies. had jules, red sarahs, coral charms.
another look at my displayed arrangement.  love how dramatically coral charms fade...
it was a gorgeous weekend and i hope you all had a wonderful one celebrating your favorite moms.  i adore the beauty and charm of flowers but theirs pale in comparison to my dear mother's.  she is more perfect and more lovely than the most lovely of all blooms.  love you mommy. x

05 May 2011

your mom called. she desperately wants flowers this weekend.

so does your sister, nana, wife, aunt and best friend.  and lucky for you, i'll be BRINGING it at this saturday's flea.  for serious.  we are talking peonies, peonies, peonies!  and whatever other pretty offerings are available at market.  you love them and they love flowers.  so don't front people.  place your order asap.  i got you.  see you at the flea on saturday. {photo by clay williams}

04 May 2011

romance at the surrey

photos from my fabulously chic shoot at the posh surrey hotel are up on style me pretty now.  and it was raining that day as well.  for full post, click here.
{all images except the last were lovingly shot by missy photography.  the last one was a behind-the-scenes snap by yours truly}