29 April 2011


no wedding this saturday so i'll be at the brooklyn flea with my flower friends!  and in honor of this brooklyn botanic garden's sakura matsuri cherry blossom festival this weekend, i'll have cherry blossoms for sale.  will also have some gorgeous lilac, peonies {coral charm, festiva and jules} and ranunculus.  so after you check out the gardens, come on by! x

22 April 2011

new york weddings part two

photos from aretsky's patroon restaurant's table at new york weddings, florally styled by moi. 

it was a spring bounty -- peonies, riceflower, anemones, carnations, ranunculus, veronica, tulips, berzellia, spray roses, hyacinth, hellebore, godetia, stock, garden roses, daffodils and the kitchen sink...

dogwood branches...
many thanks to sofia negron for the lovely photos.
{photos 1, 4-6}

20 April 2011

real wedding: a preview

a sneak peek of the february wedding that kicked off this year's wedding season.  woot woot!  will share more once i get the official images from the photographer. fingers crossed that it happens soon...{2nd photo by tara purnell}

19 April 2011


 snapped at the brooklyn botanic garden.  love how shy these flowers are.

18 April 2011

saturday at the flea

saturday's new flea space
good morning lovelies!  hope you had a good one.  so my flower friends and i braved the weather and set up at the brooklyn flea on saturday.  sure, it was overcast, windy, cold and a downpour was imminent but we had the first of the local lilac! doesn't that make everything better?
lilac is one of my absolute favorites {y'all know i'm a sucker for tree blossoms} and you don't know about it, get into it!  
folks were mad for them and they sold out before 11am! 

poppies.  the wind was not kind to them...
love libretto tulips
veronica and a little purple lisianthus on its left
more lisianthus
scented geranium
the sarah bernhardt peony
protea.  stellan, the cutest little boy, picked one for his room
ranunculus. i never leave without out them...
and if you're wondering about these gorgeous photos, well wonder no more...wesley, my lovely and delightful brand spanking new apprentice shot them with her fancy camera.  she'll be helping me with all manners of kat flower -- the flea, weddings and events, blogging, etc.  

the rain eventually came down like it was mad at everyone and me, wesley and the flowers had to save ourselves and scurry for shelter.  but we got there.  and what else was there to do but go out for french fries and beer?
p.s. have a wedding this weekend so i'm back at the flea on saturday, april 30th.  not sure where i'll be in the market but saturday, i was between rick's picks, social eatz and across from kumquat cupcakery.  i'm not mad at that...

14 April 2011


a wedding that i attended and absolutely loved is featured on a wedding blog.  remember my virginia is for lovers post back in august?  well, kenya and matthew's gorgeous wedding was featured on style me pretty last week!  the above images perfectly capture the wedding for me. {1} the bespoke rings, designed by matthew and his jeweler friend.  a black diamond engagement ring, a single black diamond in kenya's band and what tucks my heart strings every time, her name etched in matthew's band.  i remember looking at his ring at the reception and my eyes just welling up.  and i looked at it again in paris.  so perfect.  {2} us girls with the bride.  it's true that the bride is a little bit of a celebrity and all eyes are on her and never was it more true than with kenya.  what i love about her and the whole feeling of the wedding is that it was a fun, beautiful summer party with friends and family.  so here we are, some of the friends of the bride {she's with the roses in her hair}, posing for a photo, really happy to witness and celebrate the beautiful day.  check out all the images here.

sos: desperately seeking intern...again

{this is a re-post} yup, wedding and the outdoor flea season is upon me and i need an intern or two like yesterday.  again, the ideal candidate should love to be around flowers in all its states, be intelligent, very proactive and dependable, in that order, be willing and able to sometimes work in the early hours of the morning and weekends.  you must also like weddings, events, cookies, brooklyn, people, sweeping, sunshine, washing vases and changing vase water because you'll be working with all the aforementioned.  the position is unpaid, hence the careful use of the word intern, but i promise to teach you everything i know, feed you and get you a metrocard.  you'll need to be available 2-3 days a week, one of which will most definitely be a weekend day. 

if you're interested or know anyone who might be, shoot me an email at kathleen{at}katflower dot com with a brief resume and be sure to include internship in the subject line.  thanks very much in advance.

p.s. i forgot one thing...you must be coordinated and strong.  no we're not dancing but i find that strength and coordination go hand-in-hand, i.e. don't want you awkwardly carrying vases full of flowers and water 'cause that would make me nervous. 

13 April 2011

paris revisited

april in paris...rainy days like this remind me of my other favorite city.  i forgot to share photos from my march adventure other than the flower shop pic...the reason being there aren't many to share.  i was truly working {fashion week} with no time for leisure and tra-la-la'ing.  but i felt really parisian -- getting dressed in my little efficiency flat on rue st. honore, walking along rue du louvre to jardins des tuileries for work, walking back to the flat and changing for dinner with my colleagues at a random bistro, taxi or walk home to repeat next day.  anyway, here are some random {very} snaps from my time there.  so random that some of them were taken from the taxi on the way to charles de gaulle.  how's that for travel and leisure?
lila, the belle of the show.  she was fashion every day!
moroccan restaurant for dinner.  view from our cozy, sexy loft above the main dining room.
french scaffolding is cool
kenya & matthew.  they make perfect sense.
showroom was robespierre's former home and where he was arrested.  hand-painted doors in the parlor.

funny to see the french ranunculus i get in new york as local
how's this for gangsta?  the french owner of this restaurant spent time at the mcnally restaurant empire, i.e. balthazar, pastis, morandi, lucky strike, brits that are credited for redefining the parisian bistro in new york.  well dude returns to paris with the concept and improves on it {in my opinion}...the location, its authenticity.  needless to say, the new yorkers among my group felt right at home.  and our meals were lovely.  
the trees were blossoming
i could live there...
so ubiquitous they hardly seem special...i lie.
back to the states...a bientot!
thinking about where i'll head next.  with wedding season and the flea upon me, nowhere no time soon.  but i always manage a quick jaunt somehow.  right now, i'm craving sunshine and heat!

07 April 2011

new york weddings part one

i had the pleasure of designing flowers for loli events' table at last week's new york weddings event.  lauren, i.e. loli, gave me complete creative license and i'll be perfectly honest...i sometimes struggles with that amount of freedom.  when designing weddings, the couple gives me  a palette or theme and it's up to me to translate that florally.  when i design my own projects, with the parameters being so wide open and the possibilities being endless, i'm not always sure where i'm going to go.  and many times, i don't have the luxury of time to figure it out.  but without fail, one element emerges and i build from there.  for this particular design i was all about watermelon and coral poppies.

maybe it's because poppies are not around for a very long time that i want to play with them every chance i get.  maybe it's their insane color.  maybe it''s their ability to be quirky, individualistic, charmant and pretty.  maybe it's because they seem in motion all the time.  maybe it's all the above but poppies are definitely having a moment with me as of late.

for a brief second, i thought that perhaps i should work within a palette that is popular with brides.  sure there is beauty in neutral, muted palettes and while i like working with all combinations,  this is a table at a trade show and i needed to a. draw you in and b. represent myself as a designer.  so color wins!  in addition to poppies, i used ranunculus, peonies, spray roses and jasmine -- some of my favorites.

do you see how gorgeous those hellebore {on the left} are?  i heart.
i also created some bud vase vignettes.  i love how clean the vessels are and how they add lightness and delicacy to the table.

 hope to share images of my second styled table soon.  totally different but still kat flower!
{special thanks to missy photography for the lovely images}

05 April 2011

saturday at the flea

what a perfect start to the brooklyn flea's outdoor season! i was super excited to kick off my return to the blacktop and the day did not disappoint...it was pretty perfect.  a sunshine day is always best spent outdoors and with spring definitively in the air, it seemed like everyone wanted flowers and i aimed to please...so much so that i forgot to take photos of the display before i started selling!
parrot tulip
quite a few of my customers and friends from my former brick and mortar came by to say hello and i also made so many new friends.  i know i sound like a broken record...the flowers bring me so much joy and i love sharing that love with y'all.  looking forward to great run!
p.s. have a saturday wedding booked so won't be back at the flea until april 16th. x