26 February 2011

who wouldn't want this?

recently met with a bride who's marrying on a north fork vineyard.  she and her fiance want to incorporate vintage touches and props in their wedding decor.  think the above is a gorgeous example. {image by elizabeth messina}

22 February 2011

martha and me

remember the big photo shoot i mentioned way back when?  well, it was for a martha stewart collection spring advertorial!  i made four arrangements total -- an arrangement of astilbe for the bedside and three for the dining table, using martha's new housewares line.  you know how i love to re-purpose vessels...

anyway, i was excited when i was designing the arrangements but to see it all together...well, it's a little surreal.  it feels good.  so if you happen to be at macy*s shopping the latest martha stewart housewares or bedding collection, you'll see my work! x
{photos by andrew eccles}

21 February 2011

flea recap

as you know, i was at the brooklyn flea {my one hanson place debut} the day before love day hawking flowers.  i know, valentine's day was a week ago but valentine's day + photo shoot + deliveries + saturday wedding = tired and tardy bunny.  using the day to catch up...


the arrangement again...

future florists?
yves piaget roses.  the day's favorite.
the talented trent cobb of trent bailey photography picking flowers for his love
i may make another appearance at the indoor flea in march but i will most definitely be back at the outdoor saturday flea, starting in april.  the flowers like it outside.  hopefully you do too! x

work it winter workshop photos, part two

some more photos from the january workshop for your viewing pleasure.  it's like flower porn.

juliet and darcy roses.  i will never tire of staring into the lovely labyrinth center of a garden rose...

everyone had the same materials {12 total!} but as you can imagine, each arrangement was strikingly different.  some more closeups...
lisianthus.  i'm in love with the color.
you know how i feel about ranunculus...

who took these photos you ask?  well, the brilliant chani todd was one of the students and lucky for me, she brought her fancy camera.

everyone who took the class told me they had a great time.  they loved how relaxed and intimate it all was and liked the freedom to do what they liked with the elements they were given.  i'm gearing up for the next one, in march or april {or maybe both} so stay tuned! 
{photos by chani todd}

16 February 2011

happy valentine's day

yeah, i know i'm not one but two and a half days late but we celebrate love here EVERY day at the kat flower.  and no, that's not an excuse for my tardiness...okay, maybe a little, bitty, tiny one.  i've been a busy bunny lately.  valentine's day at the brooklyn flea {will post images later this week}, valentine's day orders, wedding consultations which lead to wedding flower proposals, photo shoots and collaborations, market runs, flower prep, deliveries, life...it's been a bit hectic.  no complaints though.  i've resigned myself to falling asleep on the couch.  it's like i live in a two bedroom, right?

anyway, i made the above arrangement for my display at the flea {there it is at my bedside} and i'm still enjoying it.  the ranunculus, in particular, are blowing my mind.
i hope y'all had a lovely valentine's day.  a good friend shared this oscar wilde quote with me -- 'to love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.'  
preach oscar.  so my wish for you is a most happy valentine's life.  
love, love and more love,
k xxx

09 February 2011

work it winter workshop photos, part one

if you read le blog then you know that i recently held a flower worskshop at lindsay's lovely apartment.  missy murphy of missy photography {p.s. she's a sensational wedding photographer} was kind enough to stop by and take these gooorrr-geous photos of our intimate little flowering afternoon. 

{l. to r. darcy and juliet garden roses, lisianthus, veronica in right background}
{l. to r. parrot tulips, protea, dusty miller in the left background}

darcy garden roses
nothing kicks off class better than prosecco...sharp objects be damned.


 parrot tulip


viburnum tinus

during the workshop, i had to break for snacks {i kid you not} so i'll do the same here.  loved this class, loved my 'students' though they're more like new friends and big up to lindsay and missy again for all!  part II photos will be posted soon...i hope. 
{photos by missy photography}