27 December 2011

huffington post

my latest post on being an entrepreneur and running my small business is now live so check it out here.  it's my own personal christmas miracle that i submitted it before the holiday but then again, 'tis the season. 

anyway, because all of you who read le blog are so near and dear to me, i thought i'd share some behind-the-scenes thoughts and inside scoop about my behind-the-scenes article...

first, no b.s. but i got hired 12 days out from the event.  not ideal but clearly doable.  and the email came after midnight from a friend of a friend {who's now my friend too..just go with me on this} who's taken two of my floral workshops.  fancy that.  

the brooklyn floral design community is amazing.  i admire and respect them all and yes, we are friends.  shout out to sarah of blossom and branch, suzanne from coco rosie and sarah from saipua for referring these talented designers because my team was BOSS!  sooz, jen, britt, liza, adriana, linda -- love you all and hope to have lots more work so we can kill it again.  and that's a photo of the 40+ wrist corsages and boutonnieres we were charged to make. wowowowowow.

i've done weddings with bigger budgets.  and so producing all that we had to produce and staying true to my aesthetic was very hard.  and after flowers, supplies, labor, delivery, i had nothing.  so really, why did i say yes?  it really was to test myself and to explore galas and the like as a possible direction for kat flower.  the verdict: definitely can do it so sure, i'll go back to my event roots...in calculated doses.  

finally, the wonderful and talented parris wittingham.  i met parris at an wedding industry event and he was kind enough to not only to check out my work but also called to let me know that he liked it.  that's always nice, right?  so when i decided to approach a photographer about shooting some behind-the-scenes images, he was at the top of my wish list.  luckily for me, he said yes and he committed to the project.  he sent me a questionnaire so he could better understand what i do and what goals i had set for the shoot -- thorough to say the least.  he called it 'love at work' which perfectly summarizes what it is that i do.  and as someone who hates being photographed, he exudes a warmth and calmness that immediately puts even the most camera-shy among us at ease.  and because he was there, i have that beautiful image of team kat flower group hug.

pushing through and making it work indeed...

{photos by parris wittingham studio}


  1. This is really cute. I really loved each and every photos. thank you so much for sharing :) Keep sharing with us :)

  2. Late congratulations on getting this job AND handling it in such an awesome way! Beautiful shots – this is an inspiration.

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