01 November 2011


so if you've been reading my blog since at least the summer, you'll notice that there have been some changes, like the new header, the name, the 'you might also like' suggestions, etc.  but did you notice that handy dandy link on the upper left, the one that says visit MY WEBSITE?!  well, ladies and gentleman {that means you daddy}, i finally have a site!  yay!  cue dancing muppets!  it's been a long time coming.

building a site in this calendar year was definitely a goal {remember this post?} but i'm not going to lie, i wasn't sure where to even begin.  enter you + me design.  i met with miya and elizabeth, the dynamic and talented duo behind you + me design back in july to discuss it all.  i'm a simple girl when it comes to these sort of things so i just wanted a place where people can see some of my work.  my approach was akin to a photographer, i.e. the emphasis would be on the images -- after all, photos are my currency.   and i've been fortunate enough to have worked with some really great photographers.

we worked very hard to make the site clean, beautiful and functional so pretty please, visit it frequently.  and tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, frenemies, the cable guy, your local barista...everyone!  i want servers to crash, like when missoni launched on target, because y'all just can't enough of katflower.com!  okay, i don't want them to crash per se, but you get where i'm going. so if you're curious, let your fingers do the swiping, typing and clicking.  and as always, would love to hear what you think so please comment away!  
{bridal bouquet from september wedding in nashville, photo by stephen jerkins}


  1. we love working with you! glad that we were able to do your gorgeous work some justice. xoxo

  2. LOVE the new site! It captures your personality and the spirit of your design aesthetic. Can I get married again so you can do my flowers?

  3. great website!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your way with flowers! It's so fresh and your flower choices are so gorgeous.

  4. I love the new site & blog - you go kat! xo, Kalyn

  5. Your new website is amazing! Stunning! I know it's such an involved process but all worth it

  6. This arrangement is magnificent!