14 November 2011

manic monday

i never liked that song but since i find myself writing a post after 8pm on a day that started at 4:30am, it seems kind of fitting.  and i don't mean manic in the crazy sense, not that there is anything wrong with crazy...okay, what the hell am i talking about?  oh yes, monday.

i am working on not one but two events for this wednesday, both corporate, one big.  i've planned many a big event but being on the floral side of things is a whole 'nother animal altogether.  for reals.  testing all my skillz but i'm reveling in the challenge so much so that i haven't had time to share the huffington post piece on me at the flea with y'all until now.  okay, it only came out on sunday but usually i'm more on it.  anyway, it was all about ideas for thanksgiving florals and the above is the 'kat flower special' {their moniker, not mine}. 
these photos were taken last sunday.  took the arrangement outside for more light and a photo shoot ensued.  decided that i'd like to invest in a fancy camera for christmas.  might also need to take a workshop or two.  right now, all i do is hold the camera still and press the button...

i guess i should let y'all know that i'm taking thanksgiving flowers orders.  let me try that again...I'M TAKING THANKSGIVING ORDERS!  oh, that was loud.  anyway, would love it if you made room on your bountiful table for a kat flower special.  and it will be special for sure.


  1. These are very unique flower arrangements. Thanks for sharing all of these very cool photos.

  2. Thanks for this flower arrangements. I will try to make the thirt picture :)

  3. beautiful work. so lovely to see you make fall flowers still so bright and cheery! can't wait to see pics from your corporate events. good luck!

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  5. Just found your blog and, goodness! Your floral creations are fabulous!

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