24 November 2011


the handwritten note.  such a wonderful, thoughtful tangible gesture of thanksgiving.  i teared up when i read it, not only because of the sentiment behind it but because it also perfectly embodies why i am so grateful.

this life of mine is an incredible blessing.  here's some of what i'm thankful for today {not necessarily in order}:
  1. my family.  without them, i really would cease to exist, like poof, gone.
  2. my grandmother.  she's 94.
  3. my brother.  yes, i know that he's referenced in #1 but he really deserves his own line.  he's a great man and good at everything he does, including being a brother.  i admire, respect and love him.  i would walk into traffic, a bullet or any other peril so that he would live.  for real.
  4. my immune system.  it's pretty incredible and makes life so much easier.
  5. the sun.  after a few days of rain, it's nice that sunny skies are in effect mode.
  6. kat flower.  i am my own boss and my business is designing with flowers.  that's pretty dope.
  7. my body, particular my eyes, hands arms, back, feet and legs.  lots of lifting, running, schlepping in this line of work and like my immune system, it makes life so much easier.
  8. speaking of body, i'm thankful that my internal clock allowed me a few extra winks this am.  so not the norm...
  9. my friends.  all special, all loved and appreciated by me.
  10. nature.  despite how much we abuse it, it continues.  and it manages to produce such amazingly beautiful plants and flowers {with a wee bit of help}
  11. that i have cereal and milk in the fridge.  i eat steel cut oatmeal with blueberries most mornings but today, i want a quick brekkie.
  12. kindness.  i have been shown an inordinate amount and it makes my heart happy when i witness it.  let it reign always.  
  13. music. 
  14. social media.  le blog, twitter and yes, even fb, has afforded me the opportunity to communicate and share my work, my life, my journey with you.  pretty self-indulgent but i am very grateful nonetheless.
  15. extra flowers. gonna throw something together because i didn't cook and i can't go to thanksgiving dinner with long arms...
  16. today.  not just because it's thanksgiving but more so because it's another day that i get to participate in my life.  every day is a blank slate, a do-over and another shot at getting it right.  i love that and i am beyond grateful.
happy thanksgiving friends.   love and be thankful.  x

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  1. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing and thank you for reminding us to stop and just reflect on all of the goodness surrounding us as we run around this crazy city in our hectic lives ...

    Stylishly yours,