03 November 2011

feeling fall

i am.  especially today.  there is something about fall that is kind of fantastic -- dry and crisp air {my hair is very happy}, sunny skies, foliage, gorgeous saturated colors, the fashion {who doesn't love a tall boot and a yummy knit}, apples, squash, pies and of course flowers...

went to market this morning and after w.r.e.a.m. october, it was good to check out the goods without having a particular palette or flower in mind.  just drank it all in. 

sharing some photos of an arrangement i delivered this morning.  i was given complete artistic license and felt very inspired by so much...kumquats on the vine, mini charlie brown cymbidium orchids, ranunculus, nandina, garden roses, amaranthus, spider mums of all things {i was all about the color} and this purple-tipped oregano.

i love when i can't wait to start making an arrangement.  sounds corny and a bit contrived but i always to try to go with flow of the flowers.  and i was really into making this arrangement.  just felt right.

took it outside to see it in natural light and it became a photo shoot.  i kind of love it.  but parting really is sweet sorrow and all that...hope my client's wife enjoys it as much as loved making it.

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