05 October 2011

w.r.e.a.m. october

'weddings rule everything around me, W.R.E.A.M get the money, dollar, dollar bill y'all.'
groove bunnies, october is on and poppin'!  leaving paris tomorrow evening and then it's wedding, wedding and more wedding! but back to paris for un moment...my friend and i ran into colette before they closed and as usual, it was rammed with people -- i wonder how people manage to shop there.  just seems to always be full of people just hanging about, waiting and wanting to be seen, especially during fashion week.  silly.  but enough of that.  after i sprayed myself with some regrettable eau de parfum {i don't remember the brand so i'm in danger of doing it again. i reek of it}, i quickly checked out the art and books.  art i need to look into, books were nothing i can't find in the nyc.  plus weighing down my 27+kg case with a heavy book isn't particularly ideal.  taking photographs at colette is forbidden but i did manage to snap the one above {no time for composition so no judgment}.  the movie opens in paris tonight but somehow, when i get back, in the midst of my october madness, i will check it out.  love r.g.

on another note, i feel like little dragon's ritual union is october's soundtrack - this track in particular.  i'll sleep when i'm dead, right?

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