30 October 2011


w.r.e.a.m. october came to an abrupt and unexpected end with saturday's freakishly early snowstorm. snow on trees that still have not changed color and snow on sidewalks littered with fallen leaves was on the crazy side of crazy.  i was scheduled to be at the brooklyn flea saturday but due to weather, i had a long-time-coming day off.  no complaints here!  spent the day catching up on emails, finishing proposals, switching my closet {would you believe that i still hadn't retired my summer wardrobe?}, doing laundry and other household chores, visiting clothes i shouldn't buy on the inter-webs, watching food network and discovery and just having a normal non-floral designer saturday.  not loving snow's premature debut as i feel like it's a scary harbinger of the winter to come {lord help us}, but was happy for the break...

as for some of my october weddings...
october 8th...arrived from paris late thursday night and went straight into production friday morning.  no time for jet lag, no time to unpack {confession: my suitcase is still on my bedroom floor...shameful i know}.  photo of the bouquet and the back of the ride as we head out to LI.

october 15th...fight with a pear branch.  by the jagged pinky slice, i think it was a draw.  probably could have used a stitch but my brother {dr. brother} was out of town so knuckle up i did.  and another photo of the back of the ride as we race down the west side highway to the church. 

october 22nd...small wedding so i rode solo to tribeca for this mission.  bride was super sweet and almost, almost, made me tear up as she thanked me for her flowers.  i love all my couples.

october 23rd...in the car as bouquets and i head to housing works bookstore.  white anemones, particularly the ones with black centers, are on the early side so they'll get better later in the season but my bride wanted them and i made it happen.  and i only just stopped singing purple rain. 

sorry that i'm only able to share these less-than-brilliant iphone photos.  honestly, i'm awful at taking photos on jobs so there it is. x


  1. i love that you bandaged your wound with oasis tape. handy for so much... :)

  2. Oh, love these! Esp. the purple arrangement. Want more pics...

  3. What a view, its really awesome. I love flowers and I think flowers are the best gift on any occasion. you have shared some of the best pics here. Thanks a lot dear!