28 September 2011

seventies chic

i'm headed to paris tonight.  been a minute since i've shared some music with y'all and think the moment calls for some dalida.  back story: when i was wee, one of favorite things to do was look through my dad's records and i was particularly obsessed with the dalida albums.  i just thought she was glamorous, beautiful, sexy {even i could see it at a tender age} and chic.  other women with whom i was obsessed: my mom and aunts {her sisters}, lynda carter {wonder woman, duh}, diana ross, my mom's friend piper, maria from sesame street, irene cara, the solid gold dancers, but i digress.... i loved dalida's voice and i really didn't know what she was singing about with such intensity but i was altogether moved.  this song is one of my favorites.  when i was in paris in march, i heard it for the first time in years and totally had a proustian moment {sans madeline and tea} -- me sitting on the living room floor with the albums strewn about and my dad singing along.  complete sensory memory down to the corduroys i was wearing...

anyway, it's paris fashion week so it should be a feeling.  will try to post some photos while i'm away but i make no promises.   à bientôt mes p'tits choux!  bisous, kx

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  1. I envy you. Paris, twice in one year?! I miss that city...desperately.

    Also, I chuckled at your obsession list particularly Maria from Sesame Street because that was me too. I won't go into too much detail but mine included: Billy Dee Williams, Denise and Claire Huxtable, my maternal Grandmother and retro Mom circa the seventies among many others.

    Safe travels!