08 September 2011

pushy season, major shoes

fall seems really pushy right about now.  i mean, technically it's still summer but the temps and weather in general are saying otherwise.  i wore leggings and a cardi for the first time in a long time.  sure i wore them with a bright summer t-dress but i wasn't really happy about it in the least.

the one thing that does excite me about the fall are all the amazing shoes.  i know this a flower blog but like many girls, i LOVE me some shoes -- i'm sure i've mentioned it before.  from the photos above, you can see that i am totally having a blue and burgundy moment.  is that chrissie morris not perfect for a floral designer?  i mean, there are petals blooming at the back of the shoe!  {images from here and here}
 p.s. yes, i've already tried on both and can pledge my undying love...saving my pennies as i write this.


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  2. I love the look of these shoes, but I can never where them for more than a few hours at a time. I bring my Taos shoes everywhere, for when my feet ache too much.

  3. I think those killer heels are gorgeous but it doesn't have too much support specially the brown one. I know I'll fall over because I'm only used to wearing comfortable dansko shoes. I like the blue one better because of it's unique style.

  4. Wow! Those heels are lovely and sexy. I just wish my foot doctor allows me to wear those. It's unfortunate that I have to wear more flats for months because I just had ankle surgery.