16 August 2011

spread love, it's the brooklyn way

there are some projects that i get especially excited about and this is most definitely one of them.  currently being featured on green wedding shoes, i collaborated with scott clark, who is as much of a love as he is cool and talented, to create a love story framed in our beloved brooklyn -- urban yet bucolic, vintage but modern, romantic with a little edge.  we conceptualized an elopement -- the municipal steps, the ceremony in prospect park, the intimate celebration at a local mexican restaurant and everything, from the models, to the locations, to the clothing is inspired by brooklyn, as well as our own distinct style.   
scott found that thicket of trees and we agreed that it was the most perfect location for the ceremony shots.  i made the backdrop using three different fabrics, sewn on clothesline rope.  as for the styling, i wanted a look that was romantic, vintage, in that one-of-a-kind way {who wants to have the same wedding dress as the next chick?} with some sexy thrown in for good measure.  i got the dress from my fabulous friend joan, who sells drop-dead vintage at the brooklyn flea and except for the sweet gold bird ring, all the accessories are all mine.  honestly, i dressed her as i would dress myself.  and in lieu of a veil, i chose pink garden roses for her hair.  scott got the groom's attire from travis, also at the brooklyn flea and lent him his own hat.  we keep it in the family...

for the flowers, i wanted to communicate sweetness and seasonality with lots of color -- peonies, mountain laurel, scabiosa, pittosporum, chamomile, jasmine, blueberry and garden roses made the cut.
but before we got to the park, we needed that marriage license shot.
i've long loved that golden facade.  remember i love the gold...
onto the celebration at a favorite mexican restaurant...
but not before a quick ride on the prospect park carousel...
 most brides like to change into a party frock for the reception and this one was no different...
i called on my friend kumiko, who happens to be a pastry chef to make the cake.  
she created this delicious, refreshing icebox cake, iced with whipped cream and topped with fresh kumquats.
this shoot was a labor of love and i loved every minute of it.  it was hella hot outside but we had a blast.  BIG UP to our kick ass team -- tara, jeremy, maysoon, linsey, joan, travis, chris and arturo at chavela's and of course scott for his brilliance, energy, enthusiasm and beautiful images.

will share some behind the scenes shots later on this week.  and please click here for the green wedding shoes post and comment away!

photography: scott clark photography
styling, floral design & ceremony backdrop: me
both dresses: van hees vintage, available at the brooklyn flea
groom's attire: travis sylvester, available at the brooklyn flea
hair and makeup: maysoon fara of face time beauty
cake: kumiko mitarai
locations: prospect park, brooklyn public library, chavela's


  1. thanks so much for this post! inspiring to see what you can do in BK AND on a budget. amazing. i would have posted my comment direct to the green wedding shoes post, but couldn't find the comment section! so i LIKED it instead. will happily spread the word about the fantastic local talent in BK!

  2. Hands down, best Ever! And we talk about her hair? how much am i loving that blown out style? Totally copying this. Well done.


  3. I am loving these amazing photos. I am also loving the vintage look of everything. Great styled shoot.