11 August 2011

here's to my new year!

what's up groove bunnies?  updating the blog a little late...yesterday i celebrated my birthday and anyone who knows me knows that i start celebrating about a week before with the crescendo being the actual birthday and then the fun starts to die down a few days later.  this year was a great one, made especially awesome by this crazy beautiful post on THE elizabeth messina's kiss the groom.  this adventure called kat flower has afforded me the opportunity to meet and work with some insanely talented and amazing people -- elizabeth messina is definitely waaayyyy, waaayyyy up there and to have her dedicate a post to little ol' me blew every molecule in my mind.  i'm still pinching myself.  this life, this year is going to be killer, if i do say so myself!
p.s. the photos {by elizabeth messina}are from an upcoming bridal editorial in munaluchi bride featuring florals by yours truly, hitting the stands later this month.

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  1. CONGRATS! AMAZING NEWS. and much deserved. fantastic way to start YOUR new year.