22 August 2011

flowers in the home, a preview

a london-based daily interviewed me late last week about flowers and how to easily incorporate them into your home decor.  in addition, i shared some tips on making some simple arrangements.  so when i found out that one of their photographers was going to shoot me while i designed some arrangements, i decided to market i go!  i was super excited to find blushing bride of the protea family {photo above} available.  stay tuned for the arrangement i made with it.

but in the meantime...
i'm in love with this baroness rose, weigela and jasmine arrangement, made in a vintage silver pitcher.  my apartment smells absolutely divine. 


  1. I love the baroness rose arrangement. Flowers add a cozy, homey vibe to any place. As a matter of fact, any indoor plant does change the ambiance of any home. I'm actually looking for a new home for sale. If you know a budget-friendly one, please drop me a message.

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