31 August 2011

the DIY flower workshop and thank you

 remember the blushing bride protea {first photo above} from my previous post?  well, the metro article featuring my DIY flower arranging tips is live on kenya's style hunt, their international style director's blog and the print edition is still making its way around the world {so far, st. petersburg, moscow, montreal, toronto, ottawa...wow!}.

it is long overdue but i thought i'd take this opportunity to specifically thank all of my international readers.  i cannot believe that people as far as saudi arabia, auckland and the republic of moldova have read my little flower blog...the interwebs is truly amazing.  it seems that among many other things, we are all linked by our constant love for flowers and beauty.  with that said, on to why you're here...the flowers.
dahlias, blushing bride, zinnias, cockscomb, scabiosa pods, weigela, veronica, jasmine...

baroness roses...

cafe au lait dahlias
again, whether you're reading from brooklyn, lyon, barcelona or louisville, kentucky, HUGE thanks and love to every single one of you for logging in and staying tuned to my journey in flora.  you warm my heart. xxxox  {photos by kashish das shrestha}
p.s. my workshops will be back this fall so keep reading for upcoming dates! x


  1. My favorite photo is the red roses.
    Rather the baroness roses.
    so lovely color.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  2. Hi Kat, I just read through your post on your trip to Paris. If you ever come to this part of Europe (preferably London) in the near future, I'll be extremely delighted to attend a workshop. I'll even help organise one :) From probably your greatest fan in the UK. xo

  3. Hi,
    Amazing collection. Thanks for sharing..


  4. The flowers in these pictures are amazing thanks for posting for everything. The are very elegant and beautiful.

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