21 August 2011

behind the scenes: love...brooklyn style

what up brooklyn?
'twas hella hot and maysoon was on it.
scott at work
i really loved this bouquet...
when we spotted this tree during scout, we knew we wanted this shot..
as promised, above are a few behind the scenes shots from the inspiration shoot previously posted.  it was an amazing day and i'm over the moon with the love the images have gotten from all of you.  the choices that were made were very deliberate...the settings, the styling, the flowers and most definitely the models.

like magazines, major advertising campaigns, television, movies and other forms of mainstream media, wedding blogs share their lack of diversity, be it ethnicity, sexuality, age and race -- the bloggers themselves can speak on the reasons why.  when i see a non-white, older or gay couple {imagine if it was all three!} not only do i take notice but i'm pleasantly surprised.  and while i embrace the idea of a post-everything society, i know that until i stop noticing or reacting, in my mind, we're not quite there.

in addition, the blogs post these pastoral and idyllic wedding images...couples at a barn in the middle of nowhere or at a warehouse yet discovered...exchanging vows on a lichen-covered log under a hand-made canopy witnessed by their hipster friends...elaborate and perfectly crafted tablescapes, with gorgeous and full florals, creative bunting, mason jars, cheeky flags, striped straws and dessert stations {i'm exaggerating a bit but not really}, launching thousands of inspiration boards and pinterest accounts without giving any idea as to how much these weddings actually cost to execute.  it's all kind of aspirational really.  and need i mention that i'm a new york-based designer so a lot of these california dreamin' ideas are 1. feasible for a finite period in the calendar if at all, 2. more expensive than most brides are comfortable with spending, i.e way more than $500.

so instead of talking about it, i decided to be about it.  and we figured we could kill two birds with one stone.  share ideas for creating a simple but pretty, budget-friendly city wedding with rustic and vintage charm, all illustrated by a black couple.  check, check, check AND check! x


  1. Damn, well said!

    Just found your blog and am so, so excited. Can't wait to read more :)

  2. you arrangements are absolutely gorgeous, your content surpasses most and i love the angle your blog takes on weddings. thank you for existing and contributing!

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