25 July 2011

thank god it was indoors

fire.  that's what new york has felt like for the past several days.  and if i'm hot, you know the flowers are on the edge.  i find myself praying that they don't wilt or flat out die before i can arrange them, in the time they spent outside as we load them from the studio to the car then from the car to the venue.  i mean it's stupid.  thankfully, saturday's wedding was indoors, brooklyn winery to be exact and above is a sneak peek.  looking good miss thing!

21 July 2011

what i made

portrait of wednesday's workshop arrangement
{photo by elsa mehary}

08 July 2011

keepin' it wild

workshop: all about summer's wildflowers!
wednesday, july 20, 6:30pm
sunday, july 24, 3pm

we're going to keep it seasonal {my raison d’ĂȘtre} and continue with summer's prettiest wildflowers -- think cosmos, scabiosa, coreopsis, yarrow, coneflower, zinnia, chamomile and other seasonal gems.  as in the past, i'll teach you some basic principles and techniques of designing with flowers.  and your take-home arrangement will be beauteous and for serious, the cause of envy everywhere.

and because i'm listening, i'm offering not one but TWO dates!  both classes will be similar so register for what best fits your schedule.*  either way, we'll have fun.  and cocktails.

cost is $160 {includes all materials, instruction, frolic and good times, gorgeous arrangement, etc.}
each class is limited to six students to insure personalized attention.  despite your feelings otherwise...

email me to register or for more information. and yes, feel free to spread the word to bffs, fiances, frenemies, co-workers, family and whoever else.  the more, the merrier!

can't wait to see you,
k x

*final note -- i reserve the right to cancel a class if i don't have enough students.  so if you're interested in a particular date, well then, posse up!  just sayin'...

06 July 2011

water beauty

visited the brooklyn botanic garden yesterday for some inspiration and came upon this single sacred lotus flower blooming in lily pond terrace.  
have you ever? i literally stopped and sat down to admire it for like fifteen minutes.  so, so special!  and i love how the trees reflect in the water...