05 May 2011

your mom called. she desperately wants flowers this weekend.

so does your sister, nana, wife, aunt and best friend.  and lucky for you, i'll be BRINGING it at this saturday's flea.  for serious.  we are talking peonies, peonies, peonies!  and whatever other pretty offerings are available at market.  you love them and they love flowers.  so don't front people.  place your order asap.  i got you.  see you at the flea on saturday. {photo by clay williams}


  1. My mom was soooo thrilled by the bouquet you put together! (There was rapid clapping involved...ha!) She had people touring the house this weekend and the flowers were a big hit. Thanks again ladykat!!!

  2. wow what a nice flower it is so specious for us becouses its god gifted like