03 May 2011

saturday at the flea

happy tuesday darlings!  hope your week is off to a great start.  mine is nice and action-packed -- actually every week feels like that as of late, what with wedding season being in full effect mode.  but no wedding this past saturday so i was at the brooklyn flea.  it was a beauteous spring day and true to fashion, the blooms and blossoms were stopping traffic.  as if we expected anything less...

craspedia aka billy balls
rice flower and pittosporum
'tis the season for cherry blossoms

ranunculus.  the colors were in. sane.
the holy trinity of peony -- jules, coral charm and festiva.
can i say how much i love that spring is finally here?  just keeps me in great spirits every day!   fyi - though i hope to do a special post later this week, i'll be back at the flea this saturday with all manners of beauty for mother's day!  stay tuned...

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