10 May 2011

saturday at the flea: mother's day edition

{exhale} it was a flower-palooza the day before mama's day and petals were flying as i furiously made pretty bouquets for all you motherlovers.  luckily i had tons of flowers on hand to help with the task.  if you didn't have a chance to stop by, here's some of what you missed...

libretto parrot tulips.  one of my favorites
pin cushions.  one customer bought them all for his grandma.
lilac.  one of the three colors.
no mother's day bouquet would be complete without peonies. had jules, red sarahs, coral charms.
another look at my displayed arrangement.  love how dramatically coral charms fade...
it was a gorgeous weekend and i hope you all had a wonderful one celebrating your favorite moms.  i adore the beauty and charm of flowers but theirs pale in comparison to my dear mother's.  she is more perfect and more lovely than the most lovely of all blooms.  love you mommy. x

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