23 May 2011


in case, you didn't know, i'm a bit of a perfectionist.  not such a bad thing given my line of work but from a small business owner perspective, it's not so bueno.

i've got big dreams and big ideas.  i get fixated on doing things a certain way {in my head, the right way} to the point that i can't think beyond that way.  and i won't do anything until i can do it the way i want.  in my head, it's me not settling and it affects everything i do.  case in point, i lived in my apartment for almost three years without a tv.  big deal right?  it's not that i didn't want a tv, it's that i wanted an armoire to house said tv and i was committed to live without one until i could afford to buy the perfect armoire. 

so you're probably wondering how this pertains to the blog and the business in general. well, with the absence of a website {i'll get to that in a minute}, this blog is my primary marketing tool.  a lot of thought goes into the content, etc. and with it being wedding/event season, things at the flower factory are popping.  while i am waiting on some images, i also have enough to share with y'all.  just trying to figure out in what order to do that. 

as for a website, in my mind, i envision the most perfect site for kat flower -- one that communicates who i am, what i've done and can do, is visually arresting and beautiful, all helping me grow the business.   it's a million dollar site and in my crazy head, i want to wait until i have that million to get it done.  uh, wrong.  need a site now.

there's so much more to this business than just designing flowers.  there's branding, marketing, publicity, production, logistics, social media, finances, administration, retail, hr, etc.  lately, i've been feeling a lot of pressure about it all and so i decided to focus on the part i love and can control...designing flowers.

anyway, thanks for letting me go on and on and if you didn't read the above {totally fine, i would've skipped it too}, the above subpar, grainy iphone image is an arrangement i made using the excess flowers from this weekend's events.   will share more {and better} images of my adventures with flowers later this week.  stay tuned. x


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I am in the same boat as you are.

  2. I relate to this entirely!