18 April 2011

saturday at the flea

saturday's new flea space
good morning lovelies!  hope you had a good one.  so my flower friends and i braved the weather and set up at the brooklyn flea on saturday.  sure, it was overcast, windy, cold and a downpour was imminent but we had the first of the local lilac! doesn't that make everything better?
lilac is one of my absolute favorites {y'all know i'm a sucker for tree blossoms} and you don't know about it, get into it!  
folks were mad for them and they sold out before 11am! 

poppies.  the wind was not kind to them...
love libretto tulips
veronica and a little purple lisianthus on its left
more lisianthus
scented geranium
the sarah bernhardt peony
protea.  stellan, the cutest little boy, picked one for his room
ranunculus. i never leave without out them...
and if you're wondering about these gorgeous photos, well wonder no more...wesley, my lovely and delightful brand spanking new apprentice shot them with her fancy camera.  she'll be helping me with all manners of kat flower -- the flea, weddings and events, blogging, etc.  

the rain eventually came down like it was mad at everyone and me, wesley and the flowers had to save ourselves and scurry for shelter.  but we got there.  and what else was there to do but go out for french fries and beer?
p.s. have a wedding this weekend so i'm back at the flea on saturday, april 30th.  not sure where i'll be in the market but saturday, i was between rick's picks, social eatz and across from kumquat cupcakery.  i'm not mad at that...


  1. I think you made my day! Seeing colorful flowers in the morning literally woke me up! It just made my day brighter - thank you!

  2. Such a awesome collection you had here. I like that all photographs of flower you had here.
    dean graziosi