13 April 2011

paris revisited

april in paris...rainy days like this remind me of my other favorite city.  i forgot to share photos from my march adventure other than the flower shop pic...the reason being there aren't many to share.  i was truly working {fashion week} with no time for leisure and tra-la-la'ing.  but i felt really parisian -- getting dressed in my little efficiency flat on rue st. honore, walking along rue du louvre to jardins des tuileries for work, walking back to the flat and changing for dinner with my colleagues at a random bistro, taxi or walk home to repeat next day.  anyway, here are some random {very} snaps from my time there.  so random that some of them were taken from the taxi on the way to charles de gaulle.  how's that for travel and leisure?
lila, the belle of the show.  she was fashion every day!
moroccan restaurant for dinner.  view from our cozy, sexy loft above the main dining room.
french scaffolding is cool
kenya & matthew.  they make perfect sense.
showroom was robespierre's former home and where he was arrested.  hand-painted doors in the parlor.

funny to see the french ranunculus i get in new york as local
how's this for gangsta?  the french owner of this restaurant spent time at the mcnally restaurant empire, i.e. balthazar, pastis, morandi, lucky strike, brits that are credited for redefining the parisian bistro in new york.  well dude returns to paris with the concept and improves on it {in my opinion}...the location, its authenticity.  needless to say, the new yorkers among my group felt right at home.  and our meals were lovely.  
the trees were blossoming
i could live there...
so ubiquitous they hardly seem special...i lie.
back to the states...a bientot!
thinking about where i'll head next.  with wedding season and the flea upon me, nowhere no time soon.  but i always manage a quick jaunt somehow.  right now, i'm craving sunshine and heat!

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  1. It's always great seeing you in Paris, Kat. It is becoming a bi-annual tradition!